And John McCain Chooses…


Fox News says it is Palin. I must say I like it. It will be difficult for Obama and Biden to say that the GOP ticket doesn’t connect with the American public, as Palin is a self-made mother of five (her youngest has Down’s Syndrome) and the child of teachers and wife of a commercial fisherman.

Nice pick.

Alaska is a long, long way from Washington, DC, effectively countering Obama’s message of “change” on Capitol Hill (especially considering his VP’s 36 years in the Senate). As an added bonus, this should do nicely to ruin Obama’s media afterglow from last night.

I like it a lot.


As rumors continue to swirl about the prospect of Palin–another plane from Alaska was rumored to have landed this morning, I still cannot help but wonder about the total lack of talk regarding Eric Cantor.

Regardless, it’s been fairly well-orchestrated by McCain’s camp, and he cannot go wrong with either. The only way that he could do harm, at least among those who have been considered, would be with Joe Lieberman.

Cantor and Palin are both solid, young conservatives, and Palin gives McCain a few extra attributes — she’ll be able to be aggressive with Joe Biden and may look even better if he responds in kind, she’ll definitely turn a few hardcore Hillary Clinton supporters and temper Obama’s talk of gender equality, she’ll provide McCain with some conservative credentials, and she’ll be the only one on either ticket with executive experience of any sort.


Rumors are surrounding Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. News outlets are reporting that she was seen in Ohio last night, that a private jet from Alaska landed at a local airport, but also that she plans to make an appearance at the Alaska State Fair today. Palin would be a solid pick — she has executive experience, she appears to be a solid conservative, and she’s a she.

Plus, add in the way that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are pandering to women in lieu of Hillary Clinton’s failure to garner the nomination, as well as the fact that John McCain waited to speak with wife Cindy face-to-face (she had been overseas in war-torn Georgia) before making a final decision, and I think that it could very well be her.

If I were running for president and wanted to select a nice-looking, younger female vice-president, you’d better believe that I’d ask my wife first.

If I were McCain, I would have all of my major considerations–Palin, Romney, Lieberman, Ridge and Pawlenty–on the same stage in Dayton, sitting on stools and discussing, in an off-the-cuff manner, their observations of and aspirations for America. Only then, after a frank discussion in that informal, town hall-esque manner diametrically opposed to last night’s spectacle in Denver, would I ask my choice for VP to stand and get things rolling in a more traditional way.



  1. Jesse says:

    I saw Sarah Palin in your list of possible candidates but had never heard of her. Now that she is named as the VP Candidate, I am initially impressed with her. Someone outside the Beltway, no known scandals, an All-American Mom, Wife and champion of local issues, she may well be the turning point on this election. Even without national scale experience, I believe she will be the one that could learn the ropes quickly and effectively. Good choice, John.

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