Behold, the savior of Earth.

His day has come.

(for leaked portions of the acceptance speech at the Obamapolis, click HERE.)



  1. Anonymous says:

    Now I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there.

  2. jdreed4454 says:

    is there any way i can make the picture bigger.

  3. A Licensed Attorney says:

    Legally, the Certification of Birth issued by Hawaii (and validated by IS proof of citizenship — it is a public record and if you were to go to apply for a password, that is all that would ever be required of you. It is “prima facie” evidence — meaning that it would be the burden of anyone challenging it to prove that it was false or forged.

    The claim that Obama was born in Mombasa and that his grandmother and older siblings are a witness to that is patently ridiculous. Obama’s grandmother, Sarah Onyango Obama, speaks no English and lives in a village (in Nyang’oma Kogelo) in western Kenya on the shores of Lake Victoria, 450 miles away from Mombasa. Obama’s older half-siblings would have been age 1 and 3 at the time of his birth, and would have lived with their mother Kezia either in Nairobi (where she had lived when married to Obama Sr.) — 275 miles from Mombasa — or in the above-mentoned grandmother’s village. At that age they are unlikely to have been present at a hospital birth and equally unlikely to remember it. And it is equally unlikely that Obama’s father would have brought Stanley Ann Dunham to Africa in order to meet his first wife, to whom he was still married.

    The lawsuit won’t ever get that far, however, because Berg has not alleged legal standing – so the suit will probably be thrown out on a motion to dismiss from whatever defendant bothers to bring the motion first.

  4. Little Nicky Machiavelli says:

    Licensed Attorney,
    Licensed to what, drive a car, carry a gun, kill, serve alcohol?

    A lawyer, even an American lawyer, would not offer so blunt a rebuttal of this case without having studied the evidence more carefully so we must doubt your credentials.

    While claims that Obama’s grandmother was present at his Kenyan birth seem shaky at best, his Kenyan grandmother has said he was born in Kenya (they do actually have translators in Kenya you know so quite what the comment about her speaking no English is meant to suggest we can only guess,)and several other threads of evidence point to the same conclusion.
    Obama supporters keep saying the bith certificate issue is resolved because this document has been verified by What is the legal status of factcheck? Is it a U.S. federal court? I think not. I believe Barry’s maternal Grandmother is still alive, if that is the case why does he not produce her to testify on his behalf?

    As you say a Birth Certificate from the US state of Hawaii would be proof enough of citizenship to obtain a passport, but if that birth certificate was later found to have been forged the passport would be declared invalid.

    The fact is licensed lawyer, Barak Obama’s failure to dispose of these issues and his unwillingness to even address them in a satisfactory way give his opponents grounds to suspect he has something to hide. His behaviour is extremely foolish for somebody in his position. All his opponents have to do is throw mud, some of it will stick.

    It is not Berg’s case the Democrats need to fear but the one that will be brought by the GOP.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love it!

  6. Anonymous says:

    What ever happened with the breach into the passports. I believe it was last summer. Someone had looked into Obama, McCains and Hillary’s passports. What was found? Passport history is kept in a file? Isn’t it? Did Obama really go to Pakistan with his Indonesia passport?

  7. Jet says:


    Some listeners who heard Jeff Rense interview Berg say that Philip Berg insinuated that copies of Obama’s Kenyan original birth certificate and Lolo Soetoro’s adoption papers were on their way to him from Kenya and Indonesia respectively. Has he mentioned any of these things to you and if they are true?

  8. Jeff Schreiber says:


    He mentioned to me something along the lines of having access to documentation, this after I asked him whether his entire suit was based upon Internet rumors. I’ve been pretty hard on the guy, and pretty straightforward. In return, he’s been pretty straightforward with me, too.

    I tell you what — I’ll ask him, point blank, tomorrow about it.

    Thanks for reading, Jet. That goes for all of you as well. This is beyond Phil Berg, remember. This is beyond any specific claim of his. As Americans, we are constitutionally obligated to vet our potential leaders to the best of our ability, and that goes for Republicans, Democrats and everyone in between.

    Have a good night, folks. I’m going to BED!

    – Jeff

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