August 26, 2008 — Assigned Reading

Plot to Kill Obama: Shoot From High Vantage Point
(FROM: From the looks of this, it seems like the real deal, not just something innocuous reported on to drum up interest in the convention or in the candidate. I find it disgusting that people have such little respect for our Constitution and for our government that they seek to advance their own agenda in this way. I may not want Barack Obama to be the 44th president of the United States, but fail to understand how some of these sick people think.

UPDATE: News reports now say there was no credible threat. Good.

The Biggest Missing Story in Politics
(FROM: American Thinker) An interesting piece, presenting the idea that when it comes to polling, a simple approach may be the most telling. My apologies for spoiling the surprise as to what exactly is the “biggest missing story in politics,” but the whole thing makes me wonder why John McCain needs to go searching for people to cross the aisle and break bread with. If, as the piece suggests, roughly 60 percent of people consistently, over the years, consider themselves to be “very conservative” or “somewhat conservative”–as opposed to less than 38 percent considering themselves “somewhat liberal” or “very liberal”–perhaps McCain would be better served courting his own conservative base rather than concentrating on wooing left-leaning environmentalists and members of La Raza. I’ve written, over and over again, that the conservative base is the key to not only GOP longevity in Washington but to long-term prosperity in America as well, and this article seems to support that sentiment.

Socialism and the Cold War Circa 2008
(FROM: Human Events) Earlier this summer, after the last law school casebook was closed and put away, I picked up a number of books to read for fun–imagine that!–including Blue Planet in Green Shackles by Czech President Vaclav Klaus, a difficult but excellent read. It reinforced the notion that the global warming movement, and superficial environmentalism as a whole, is little more than Marxism rebranded for the early 21st century. The redistribution of wealth, the increase in government regulation of business, the disdain for profit — no wonder it fits so well in the democrats’ agenda. This article followed the votes made and bills sponsored by Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the only guy in Congress who outwardly admits he is a socialist. More and more, we see the American political left embrace the tenets of socialism; this article shows the leader of that movement.

A Carbon Education
(FROM: The Wall Street Journal) Everywhere you go, when the discussion turns political, someone eventually says that this election is the democrats’ to lose. It’s the war, they say, or maybe the abysmal approval rating of President Bush. Personally, I feel that this election is the GOP’s to lose, and they will do so if they do not stick to conservative roots. Violence is down in Iraq and the political process is moving along nicely, and if President Bush’s rating is considered abysmal, then Congress’s is … well … what’s a good word for “much worse than abysmal?” Then, there’s energy, an issue strong enough to bridge the superficiality gap between the halls of Capitol Hill and the cubicles of Main Street, USA. It’s an issue where the democrats are wrong, they are cornered, and they know it. For Nancy Pelosi to seem this uninformed is, frankly, just embarassing. Perhaps if she would abandon the failed book tour and listen to what is being said in her chamber every day by vigilant republicans, she’d learn a little. Maybe then she would know that natural gas is indeed a fossil fuel, and requires drilling for extraction. We’re the only developed nation in the world that restricts, at such a level, access to our own natural resources — and people wonder why? Gee whiz, look at the brain surgeons in charge.

They’re Paying Attention Now
(FROM: The Wall Street Journal) Peggy Noonan seems to think John McCain’s recent success and Barack Obama’s recent slip is a result of an American public which has begun paying attention. I certainly hope so.

Police Use Spray to Force Back Protestors in Civic Center
(FROM: The Denver Post) I love how the party of self-proclaimed open-mindedness has such a propensity to protest and riot when they don’t get their way. Still, I don’t understand the need for or merit of pepper spray in Denver in this case. They’re just hippies; the police should only need a water cannon — that way, they could even toss some bars of soap out there in the process. Everybody wins. No protestors are seriously hurt, and the Mile High City no longer reeks of a putrid mix of ganja, feet and patchouli.

Biden’s Son, Brother Named in Two Suits
(FROM: The Washington Post) So, not only did Barack Obama choose a running mate who would countermand his message of “change,” not only did he choose the guy who received less than 10,000 primary votes instead of the woman who received more than 18 million, he chose a running mate with a son and brother now named defendants in a fraud action stemming from a sketchy hedge-fund deal. Once again, just as he has done with his associations with Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalidi and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the Illinois senator is amazing us with his superb judgment.

Tests Clear Way for ‘Big Bang’ Experiment
(FROM: Reuters) I still don’t like this Large Hadron Collider thing. Forgive me for being ignorant to the ways of physics, but on its face I do not like the idea of re-creating the “Big Bang” here on Earth, of producing miniature black holes, all in order to search for things like “strangelets” and the “Higgs Boson,” the latter named for a guy who “discovered” it merely by thinking that it might exist. It’s not a religious thing either — I just don’t believe it’s a good idea to play with the lives of six billion people, especially when even the developers admit there is a chance–albeit a teeny, tiny one–that a catastrophic result could occur. To me, it just reeks of the manifestation of the arrogance of mankind.

Experts: Obama-Ayers Ad May be Illegal

(FROM: Huffington Post) A few months ago, I expressed my frustration that John McCain was denouncing every conservative voice who came to his aid and expressed their dissatisfaction with Barack Obama. I was worried that McCain would never take the proverbial gloves off and attack, and was worried that it would be up to the 527 groups to hit Obama where it hurts — past actions and associations, extreme liberal ideology, etc. Now, even though I have been extremely happy with McCain’s advertising so far, I find it humorous that one of the PACs may not be able to run its advertisement in his support … because of McCain’s own campaign finance law. Regardless of how it turns out, it provides me with an opportunity to post a good–and needed–advertisement:

Obama From a Home in Kansas City: I’m ‘Here in St. Louis’
(FROM: Now, I don’t want to make more of this than there really is. The video, and especially the kids’ reactions and such, was very nice — but if the shoe had been on the other foot, if the candidate who misstated where, in fact, he was broadcasting from had been John McCain and not Barack Obama, there would inevitably be talk of old age and dementia, and would be repeated by the democrats almost as much as the McCain housing-related statement. This gaffe by Obama, however, like the “57 states” gaffe and the “let me introduce you to the next president, Joe Biden” gaffe from a few days ago, will go largely unnoticed and will undoubtedly be forgotten in a weeks’ time.



  1. Thomas451 says:

    So what about Bill Ayers? The guy did all that stuff when Barack was 8 years old. Are we going to blame Obama for Hitler too?

    You people are a bunch of racist hicks.

  2. Karen says:

    Nobody is blaming Sen. Obama for things that William Ayers did. As Thomas451 points out, Bill Ayer’s known criminal career ended well before Sen. Obama became an adult.

    For more on Mr. Ayers, please see:

    What all thoughtful Americans from every walk of life, of every political persuasion, race, color or creed actually question is his ASSOCIATION with a known terrorist.

    The ultimate question is one of Sen. Obama’s judgment. Do his associates help shape his politics, his basic philosophy? Or does he simply have a unique talent for choosing all of the wrong friends? Will he look to these friends to help him shape policy during his possible tenure at the White House?

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