Quick Reminder: Russia will still be out there in 151 days…

On a day when Russia has ceased all military cooperation with NATO and blocked the only entrance to neighbor Georgia’s main port city of Poti despite promises to pull out, and only a day after Moscow responded to Poland’s missile defense deal with the United States with threats of action “beyond diplomacy,” it may be a good time to remind everyone that the 44th president of the United States will take office in only 151 days.

It will either be John McCain who, despite his many faults, values national defense and understands the Cold War threat and nature of war better than most, or it will be Barack Obama, who was boogie-boarding in Hawaii while McCain was denouncing the Russian invasion of its sovereign neighbor.

Either way, America must continue to be watchful during this transitional time in world history, as energy acts as catalyst for a great shift in wealth and power, as a great motivator for aggression and detente alike. America must be ready to react at a moment’s notice, and never be afraid to do so. We must continue to raise the bar when it comes to military technologies, to unmanned devices allowing us to move swiftly and decisively when faced with trouble or threats impacting our national interests or those of our NATO allies.

That being said, along with the fact that Moscow has ten times the tactical nuclear arsenal than we do, perhaps we should take another look at the Illinois senator’s plans for our military.


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