August 21, 2008 — Assigned Reading

Bloomberg’s Wind Power Talk Just Blew Smoke
(FROM: Newsday) I am all for using wind and solar power in conjunction with the establishment of new nuclear facilities, coal plants and renewed drilling efforts for oil. We need it all. However, by suggesting that New York City should toss windmills on top of its buildings and skyscrapers is just asinine. Offshore? Sure, but good luck with passing it by the same environmentalists who yearn for clean energy, who have railroaded other such plans off Cape Cod for interference with birds and beautiful vistas. Nuclear and coal for energy, American oil for cars, conservation and responsible alternatives throughout — that, my friends, is the root of an energy plan. Not affixing a windmill atop the Chrysler Building (which, by the way, was only a month or so ago purchased by an Abu Dhabi fund).

America is Better Off Without Musharraf
(FROM: The Wall Street Journal) Interesting perspective. On its face, many plugged-in people are worried about the uncertainty which will inevitably follow the ousting of a guy like Gen. Musharraf, but the idea that anti-American sentiments among the Pakistani people may ease due to the lack of perception that the U.S. is backing what the author calls “an unpopular strongman” is definitely worth wrapping your head around.

Obama to Pony Up ‘Street Money’ in November

(FROM: Philadelphia Daily News) Before the hotly contested Pennsylvania primary, Obama decried such a practice, paying ward leaders and party committee members for work on Election Day, saying that “we’re not going to pay for votes or pay for turnout.” Now, however, he appears to have changed his tune. While he needs a large margin of victory here in Philadelphia–he certainly cannot count on much support from the middle of the state, filled with bitter white people who cling to their guns and religion–I’m tempted to tell him to save his money; he’ll win the City of Brotherly Love in a landslide of biblical proportions.

With DNC in Mind, City Bans Carrying Urine, Feces

(FROM: Rocky Mountain News) Insert your own Democratic party convention-related joke here. Personally, I just want to know who voted against the ban.

L.A. Ordinance Would Require New Home Improvement Stores to Set Aside Sites for Day Laborers
(FROM: USA Today) I can see it now: “Honey, I’m just heading to Home Depot for some twine, a three-quarter-inch drill bit, and a half-dozen Mexicans from the day laborer aisle.” All kidding aside, this is absolutely insane. These people are here illegally. In the country illegally. Not supposed to be here. No habitamos Americanos Home-o Deepos. And we’re going to provide them shelter? Water? Amenities? Furthermore, how about arresting and deporting the law-breaking day laborers sitting in the council chambers, the ones who applauded the passing of the measure? I can’t stand it anymore. Why is it that nobody seems to care about our laws? If I were to walk into Lowe’s, stick a 50-foot garden hose in my shorts and try to walk out with it, I’d be arrested and prosecuted for shoplifting, yet these people are breaking federal immigration laws simply by being here, and they get a nice place to hang out. If I were to get stopped on I-95 with 17 illegal immigrants packed into my Hyundai like a circus clown car, wouldn’t I be arrested and charged with aiding these law-breakers? Why can’t we do the same to Home Depot?

Report: Networks Gave Obama the Nomination
(FROM: Newsmax) Personally, I didn’t need the report from the Media Research Center to tell me this. Perhaps I came to the realization that the mainstream media is pulling for Barack Obama when Chris Matthews mentioned that his oratory sends a chill running up his leg. Or maybe it was when all three major network anchors followed him on his European tour, when John McCain’s overseas trips were rarely mentioned at all. Or perhaps it was when the New York Times ran an op-ed piece penned by Obama but refused to run a commentary by McCain. Perhaps it’s the four-to-one ratio of news articles written on Obama versus McCain that did it. Then again, maybe it was the media’s protection of Obama by not jumping on the John Edwards scandal before Hillary Clinton was ousted from the primary. Or, if none of that helped expose the media bias, perhaps Time Magazine placing him on its cover this week for the seventh time in one year (McCain has been on twice) will finally shed some light. Regardless, we’re in deep trouble in this country if the media, feeding on the celebrity-obsessed culture, can get an inexperienced, ultra-left-wing socialist elected president.



  1. Trucks140 says:

    Jeff, that last magazine cover isn’t from this year I think.

  2. Jeff Schreiber says:

    I know, but thanks anyway.

    I had trouble finding other cover images any bigger than a thumbnail and thus unsuitable for inclusion here. Still, I think it makes the point nicely.

    Regardless, thank you for reading, and reading so closely!


  3. Richard W. Cohen says:

    So there’s a report now that says the media is biased in favor of Obama? Not that it matters, but I don’t think we’re the only ones who have noticed.

    Time Magazine lost all credibility of journalism with me anyway when it’s cover story was “Why Amnesty Makes Sense”, June 2007. But this is what we’ve come to expect of journalism : opinion.

    What’s dangerous about the opinions journalism is presenting us with, is they’re funded opinions, and believed opinions.

    My unfunded opinion is, one tell-tale sign of propaganda, is when it’s difficult to get at the facts.

    Though Time is an easy target of disgust (or distrust) regarding media endorsement of Obama, there was one week I felt like I was in the movie “They Live”, as it seemed all the major publications had his mug on the cover.

    Chris Mathews had an Obama orgasm, eh? Saw him sucking up to Saudi royalty years ago in an interview. Never watched him since.

    Tracking the “non-story” of the Obama lawsuit. Day #2 of crickets.

    If you get a chance to forward a thanks to the fellow who originated the lawsuit, I’d appreciate it. I’m a nobody, just an average American, but unanswered questions are important to me too. Glad somebody with the know-how had the oomph to go ask. Salute.

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