August 13, 2008 — Assigned Reading

Sources Contend Edwards Fathered ‘Love Child’
(FROM: WorldNetDaily) I have no doubt whatsoever that the child is his. The guy is a scumbag, a liar, a trial attorney who gives trial attorneys a bad name. I also have no doubt that America is seeing this man for what he truly is, going on camera and justifying his affair by saying stuff like, “well, I was fooling around with the other woman while my wife’s cancer was in remission.” Furthermore, I have no doubt that the mainstream media sat on this story back in the fall of 2007 when the National Enquirer first broke it NOT to protect John Edwards, but to protect Barack Obama — Edwards was spoiler for Hillary Clinton, and derailing his campaign might have put Clinton over the top for the Democratic party nomination. Regardless, someone should have told Edwards that pulling out only works in presidential primaries.

Fly, Tigers: A Georgian Opportunity
(FROM: National Review) I had previously heard of Pappy Boyington and his exploits in the early days against Imperial Japan, but hadn’t thought of it with regard to the unfortunate and sticky situation in Georgia. A similar, semi-covert measure is certainly a nice thought, but with the limited resources of the Georgian military and an American free press determined to undermine any and all common sense measures undertaken by the Pentagon in pretty much any theater, I cannot imagine a situation where the same sort of mission would work against Russia today.

Bush and Georgia, from The Wall Street Journal

Leach, Chafee Cross Party Lines, Back Obama
(FROM: Newsmax) Lincoln Chafee? James Leach? Rita Hauser? The democrats can have ‘em. As it is, the GOP needs to return to its conservative roots, and these people–and more like them–are just dead weight.

Democrats ‘Still Don’t Get it’ on Guns

(FROM: CNS News) On a day when the chairman of the Democratic Party of Arkansas was shot and wounded in his own office, it cannot be more obvious that the American political left do not understand the concept that it takes a person to fire a weapon, that no amount of legislation or regulation will dissuade someone who wants to do harm. Criminals inherently do not abide by the law; whether the gun used in today’s Arkansas shooting was legally obtained is not the issue — the issue is that, gun or not, a person determined to do harm to another will find a way to do it. I keep coming back to Philadelphia, where a young Starbucks manager was beaten to death by three teenagers on a subway platform. Just as no gun ban could have stopped his death, no amount of legislation could likely have prevented the Democratic party chairman in Arkansas from getting shot today. Know what could have? A co-worker with a concealed carry permit and a gun of his own on the hip.

Why Safe Kids are Becoming Fat Kids
(FROM: The Wall Street Journal) My two-year-old daughter was having a blast watching some of the olympic gymnastics over the past few days, in some cases up way past her bedtime. Standing on the sofa and mimicking what she saw on the television from half a world away, she would raise her arms over her head, smile, and leap straight up into the air, landing butt-first back down onto the cushion below. “Taa-daaaaa!” she’d exclaim, throwing her hands up in the air again like a 12-year-old Chinese olympic gymnast. As an overprotective father, I was terrified that she was going to get overexcited and fall from the sofa, face-first, to the hardwood floor below. Being a parent is terrifying stuff. Hearing that shrill cry after a bump or bruise startles your child is never easy. Still, kids need to fall. They need to get sick. They need to see blood, feel the sting–ouch!!–of Bactine on a skinned knee. That’s how they build immunity to little illnesses, how they learn that jumping from a high tree branch into a small, shallow sandbox might not be a smart idea. Just like adults, kids need to fail in order to succeed. It’s hard for parents, I know, but our job is to facilitate the transition from failure into success, not prevent the failure in the first place. Such an attitude, such a propensity to coddle our children will have unfortunate but hardly unseen ramifications for years to come, on an individual and even a worldwide level.

Coddling Ourselves into Oblivion, by me.



  1. Anonymous says:

    regarding Edwards’ affair and the democratic primary, two things: 1) the mainstream media do not sit on a story, ever, especially one so juicy. They care only about being the first ones to expose something so great, not about the political implications of their actions. 2) Actual data (as opposed to Wolfson’s claim) show that the extent to which Edwards’ quitting the campaign would have helped someone, the someone was Obama, not Clinton. In Iowa there are “second choice” entrance and exit polls because this actually important for the rules of caucusing in that state as you have to drop out in a precinct if you get less than something like 15% of the vote. As it turns out, many more of Edwards’ 2nd choices were for Obama rather than Clinton. If Edwards had dropped out sooner, then Obama, not Clinton, would have benefited. At this point it is of course moot because Obama ended up the winner anyway.

    Regarding safe kids being fat kids — totally agree. You have to let your kids play and get dirty outdoors or they will develop allergies. They have to be active or they will be fat. They have to experiment or they will be unable to handle alcohol, sex and drugs when they leave for college. Your daughter sounds unbelievably adorable!

  2. Jeff Schreiber says:

    The mainstream media absolutely do sit on a story, when it fits their agenda. The most recent examples of this include the opposition to the global warming theory – whole conferences filled with nay-saying scientists are overlooked, yet when Al Gore meets with his flunkies, the results are front-page news.

    Heck, the Monica Lewinsky scandal was broken open by the Drudge Report only after Newsweek editors refused to run an investigative piece on the affair.

    It happens. The mainstream media, with the exception of Fox News Channel and a few newspapers here and there, lean profoundly to the left.

    Should this scandal have involved a conservative, it would have been news immediately, and would have survived more than a week of 24-hour news cycles. Of this, I have no doubt whatsoever.

    Of my theory that Obama was benefited, or that the media was actively protecting him, I will admit my conjecture. The University of Iowa has released a study showing that Obama was the second choice for many Edwards voters in Iowa – remember, however, that the primary election for the Democratic party was not settled for some six months later. Things would have been different.

    Still, you’re right – it doesn’t matter now.

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