August 11, 2008 — Assigned Reading

There should be no question whatsoever as to who pulled the trigger on Russia’s operation in Georgia.

Solzhenitsyn, Reagan, and the Death of Detente

(FROM: American Thinker) With the Olympics upon us, I find the consistent dialogue about peace-at-all-costs interesting. The enthusiasm and passion behind such talk, however, I find disheartening, maddening and even a little scary. Peace is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but longing for peace at the expense of freedom and basic human rights is dangerous — and more than a little hypocritical, considering the much-lauded host of the 29th Olympiad and the conflict which raged in Georgia as the rest of the world fixed their eyes upon Beijing.

Russia Brushes Aside Ceasefire Calls After Georgia Withdraws
(FROM: The Guardian/UK) I’m with President Bush on this one, the Russian response to Georgia’s military action in South Ossetia has indeed been disproportionate. What, however, can we do to stop it? At the very least, this provides added perspective on something we already knew — despite the new Russian president, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is still very much in charge. Such a spit in the face of democracy sheds further light upon the Russians’ true intentions with this conflict: (1) regime change in Georgia, a democratic republic known for its affinity for the United States and Western civilization, and (2) a veiled challenge to our own status as the world’s superpower. Now, with the Georgian president pleading America to intervene, we find ourselves in a bind. Mediation is one way to help Georgia, an ally with thousands of their own troops on the ground in Iraq, but if Russia presses beyond that, where do we go from there?

Will Russia Get Away With It? by the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol.
When Frozen Wars Heat Up by James Robbins of National Review

Why Barack Obama Will Not Win
(FROM: American Thinker) All in all, the information in this piece is stuff that we’ve heard before, things that do help me believe that perhaps the author is correct. Still, the article contains a nice, succinct case against the Illinois senator, and is perfect for an e-mail to that friend that feels as though they should vote for Obama but cannot explain why. The piece delves into his inexperience–who writes an autobiography before age 35, anyway?–as well as his extremely liberal agenda and inability to be “post-racial” without invoking race. As for me, I cannot pin down whether I believe he will win in November. I certainly hope not, but I keep going back and forth on the race, and the susceptibility of the American public to the mainstream media’s contribution still remains a huge unknown variable.

Al Franken Event: One Person Shows
(FROM: Newsmax) Gee whiz, Al. Nobody liked you during your stint as headliner for Air America, because nobody wants to listen to bitter people all the time. Democrat or republican, people just won’t willingly listen to whiners and complainers. It’s why every blatantly anti-war and anti-Bush movie coming out of Hollywood crashes and burns at the box office; It’s why CNN and MSNBC cannot touch Fox News Channel in television ratings; It’s why your little liberal radio station was broadcasting to crickets; and it’s why your campaign was doomed from the start. So, keep telling yourself that you’re good enough, that you’re smart enough and that, dog-gone it, people like you, and the rest of the country will continue to change the channel and look elsewhere for dreadfully unfunny people with trendy eyeglasses.

Mainstream Media Notes Enquirer Scoop
(FROM: The Wall Street Journal) As a former newspaper reporter, I can definitely understand why the original allegations of John Edwards’ affair last fall were overlooked; if things were any different, much more of our nation’s newspapers would be devoted to toothless rednecks who, despite that empty case of Pabst Blue Ribbon on the front porch, swore on their mama’s bunions that they saw aliens kidnap the love child of Bigfoot and Roy Orbison. Still, like Will Smith and Al Gore’s college roommate in Men in Black, the more credible-sounding of these stories must at the very least be treated as an anonymous news tip, something to check up on with minimal effort before dismissing altogether. All in all, it was the mainstream media’s obvious bias which drove editors across the country to pan the story–would they pan a similar story if it were Mike Huckabee, or Mitt Romney, instead of Edwards?–and, while we all know it, it’s still a lot of fun to watch these so-called journalists admit they were scooped.

What America’s Daughters Need to Know About Nancy Pelosi

(FROM: TownHall) Last I checked, Madame Speaker only sold about 3,000 copies of her book, “Know Your Power,” by all accounts a work about courage, about values, about determination and the will to sacrifice in order to succeed. You know, authors always say that there is value in writing about things you know — perhaps Pelosi’s book bomb is a testament to that idea.

Must-See Videos from Beijing:

After the French team–including Fred Bousquet, who trains at Auburn University, my Alma Mater–flapped their lips and said that they planned to “smash” the Michael Phelps-led American relay, the Americans responded with perhaps the greatest relay in Olympic history. I was sitting at the foot of my bed, careful not to wake my wife, pumping my fists in the air. It was amazing. For those who haven’t seen it, please watch:


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