August 7, 2008 — Assigned Reading

Drug Smuggler Gets Less Prison Time than Border Agents

(FROM: CNSNews) Let’s review the timeline:
  • First, Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila was confronted near El Paso, Texas by Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean as he attempted to smuggle 743 pounds of pot into the United States from Mexico. He presented what the agents thought was a gun, and was shot in the ass and escaped back across the border into Mexico.
  • Ramos and Compean were charged with, among other things, violating the constitutional rights of a Mexican criminal that shouldn’t be in America in the first place.
  • U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton goes out of his way to punish American Border Agents and advance a culture of lawlessness, seeking out Davila in Mexico and offering (1) prosecutorial immunity for the smuggling incident, (2) free medical care to patch up his rightfully perforated ass, and (3) amnesty so he can travel to and from Mexico unmolested, all so the drug smuggler will testify against the agents being punished for doing their job.
  • Davila then uses the amnesty and immunity received from Sutton to facilitate more drug smuggling adventures, hauling 800 pounds of pot into America months later.
  • Sutton, after that, managed to keep news of the repeat offenses from being heard by the jury in the case against the Border Patrol agents, and Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean are sentenced to 11 and 12 years in federal prison, respectively.

Now, this repeat-offending drug smuggler has been sentenced to less prison time than the agents who were only doing their job in preventing him and his cargo from entering the United States of America. If it weren’t so maddening, if these drugs weren’t assisting in the degradation of our culture, if illegal immigrants weren’t costing American taxpayers billions of dollars, the whole thing would be hilarious. As it stands, however, I’m not laughing.

Three States to Consider Affirmative Action Ban

(FROM: CNSNews) Good. You cannot preach the merits of affirmative action and advocate racial equality in the same sentence; the two concepts are diametrically opposed. For crying out loud, an African-American man may very well be the 44th president of the United States — the opportunity is there for whomever wants to reach out, work their ass off, and take it.

Ann Coulter: Only His Hair Dresser Knows for Sure
(FROM: Human Events) In defending their non-coverage of the budding scandal surrounding John Edwards, his probable mistress and possible love child (not to mention the possible tax implications of the alleged $15,000 per month hush money payments), the mainstream media has been quick to point out that unlike sitting Idaho Sen. Larry Craig, whose wide stance/gay bathroom sex scandal went on for weeks in the mainstream press, Edwards is merely a former candidate, and is not a public official. Between you and me, the media needs to close its legs a bit — it’s bias is showing. Think about it. If Mike Huckabee–a former governor, former presidential candidate and no longer a public official–was caught coming from a hotel room at the wee hours of the morning after being seen with a woman rumored to be a mistress, the mainstream press would be all over it, regardless of the evidence, regardless of whether the grainy photos ran opposite alien autopsy pictures in the Weekly World News. Perhaps, because of Edwards’ high profile, because of the public’s affection for his ailing wife, the coverage of this story in conjunction with the out-of-proportion coverage of Barack Obama’s overseas adventure could possibly shake the average, superficial American’s faith in the objectivity of the mainstream media. A man can dream, can’t he?

Could Obama Still Lose the Nomination?
(FROM: American Thinker) Hillary Clinton is up to something, and you’d better believe she’s not merely baking cookies for Barack Obama’s nomination party. No, ma’am. She’s been sweet-talking superdelegates and sending her husband out to do some dirty work. Obama’s inevitability seems to be fading, and staunch Clinton supporters just … won’t … go … away. Now, we hear that she has not ruled out putting her name up for the nomination at the convention, and Obama has surprisingly seemed just fine with it. The man, perhaps too confident and self-righteous for his own good, claims that Hillary just wants to “unite the party.” Yeah, and Bill was just looking for his lost cigar cutter between his intern’s fat, milky thighs.

Two Campaigns Seek ‘Truth’ about Obama’s Birth
(FROM: WorldNetDaily) Could this be why Hillary Clinton is gunning for representation at the convention? Does she know something we don’t? Remember — never count out the Clintons. Also remember that, back in February, John McCain was forced to undergo scrutiny regarding his own birth, to a pair of American citizens but in the Panama Canal Zone; the mainstream press covered that story for a news cycle or two but–imagine this–I haven’t heard squat about this story anywhere else. It hasn’t been the first time a major presidential candidate was pushed out of the race for failing to meet the constitutional standards put in place by our founding fathers, either. George Romney, a candidate in 1968, was born in Mexico; Barry Goldwater was born in Arizona territory prior to its statehood. It makes me wonder if this is what Hillary Clinton has up her sleeve.


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