McCain’s Crew Should be Applauded for Advertisement

In terms of timeliness and political advertisements, John McCain and his crew couldn’t have done much better than this.

In order to defeat the democrats this fall, in the presidential election but especially in the congressional contests, the average American needs to connect the dots between the failure of the Democratic party-led Congress to act properly and the amount of money it takes to fill the tank every week.

Unfortunately, at this point in time, I feel as though Americans are at their most superficial. It explains the boom in elective cosmetic surgery. It explains the obsession with celebrity. It explains the success of Barack Obama, a good-looking and great-sounding but radically socialist green senator with questionable associations and roots.

Issues such as tax rates and free trade and healthcare and the strength of the dollar are difficult to make interesting. Even enormously important issues such as border security and nuclear proliferation hold less attention than American Idol or Dancing With the Stars. The average American doesn’t even seem to want to pay enough attention to know that the increase of oil prices leads to increased food prices, plastics prices, freight transportation prices and more — yet everyone can talk about whether they paid $3.97 or $4.12 per gallon on the way into work that day.

The price at the pump transcends the tragedy that is American superficiality. McCain and his handlers, as well as anyone who wants to keep Obama out of the White House, should hammer home the idea that democrat-controlled congressional malfeasance and nonfeasance have caused such hardship.


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