Gaseous Emissions Gone Wild

I’ve warned before that the global warming phenomenon is less about the environment and more about advancing a Marxist-Leninist ideology. And people are buying into it. Now, even legendary oil man T. Boone Pickens says that, should Barack Obama win the presidency, he’d support Al Gore as energy czar for the new administration.

Personally, I think that “czar” is an interesting choice of words.

The DNC has been staffing “official carbon consultants” for its upcoming convention in Denver, and I think it provides us of a glimpse of things to come. Business owners, be prepared for someone from the federal government to show up at your shop, store, restaurant or warehouse for an assessment of how much carbon you’re allowed to emit on a monthly or yearly basis. Homeowners, be prepared to bring in your weed-whackers for yearly inspections. If you exceed your allotment, calculated and furnished by the same government which gave us programs such as Medicare and Social Security, be prepared to fork over extra cash to buy credit from a neighbor who or neighboring business which doesn’t expect to meet their quota.

What effect do you think this extra regulation, the implementation of fees for financial success, will have upon businesses large and small, and the American economy as a whole? If you wanted to start, say, a large-scale printing business–boosting the economy and providing a whole bunch of new jobs in the process–would you rather start it here in the States, or overseas in China or India where there is no such legislation, where businesses are not subject to rules, regulations and obligations placed upon them by an overreaching federal government that aspires to convert America into a socialist state?

Businesses, and therefore jobs, will run far away — and for what? To supposedly save the world from something that may or may not be a problem?


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