July 11, 2008 — Assigned Reading

Jesse’s ‘OOPS’: Not Such an Accident?
(FROM: The New York Post) For a day or so, I did my best to resist the temptation to drag the good Reverend and his propensity for removing testicles from presidential candidates onto the pages of America’s Right. So much for willpower. I’m not sure if his “gaffe” was done completely on purpose, but I do believe that Rev. Jackson masks a good deal of envy and juvenile, competitive hatred behind his mustachioed face and tired rhetoric. Barack Obama, an articulate and capable [though inexperienced] black male, may be the next President of the United States. Jackson should be overjoyed, content with knowing that all of his undoubtedly self-proclaimed “hard work” [supposedly] on the civil rights and equality front has paid off. Instead, he’s jealous and he’s concerned — the former because his pair of presidential bids never paid off, and the latter because the shakedown business could very well become a little less lucrative with a black man as the leader of the free world. At the very least, though, it is a wonderfully entertaining soundbite.

What About Bob?
(FROM: Politico) Why isn’t the GOP amassing legal teams to remove Libertarian candidate Bob Barr from the ballot in many states, a la the Democratic party and Ralph Nader in 2004? I don’t think it’s for the stated reasons, as the GOP would have to be dense–even by GOP standards–to not realize that Barr could siphon the votes of many disgruntled and disenchanted conservative voters away from John McCain. Could it be because such a legal fight, instigated by one of the two major political parties out of an at-all-costs hunger to gain or retain power, runs afoul of what America is about? Am I being too idealistic? Am I giving too much credit to the GOP?

Pelosi says House Judiciary May Hold Hearings on Kucinich Impeachment Resolution
(FROM: Politico) Seriously? With six months remaining for the Bush administration, Congress is going to waste government time and money debating whether or not to impeach the president? Last week, after Sen. Harry Reid proclaimed to all that coal and oil “make us sick,” many of the other democrats in Congress stated that there might not be enough time to address the energy crisis by the end of this year — yet we’re wasting time and money looking into impeachment proceedings, an idea brought up by Washington’s resident kook and previously panned by Speaker Pelosi. To ponder later: Why can’t the GOP exploit the nine percent favorability rating of democrat-controlled Congress? Why can’t the republicans highlight the fact that the democrats are the cause of rising oil and food costs, yet the Bush Derangement Syndrome among party leadership puts energy and the economy on the back burner? Why can’t the party spend some money and drag out all of the boneheaded decisions and non-decisions under Pelosi’s watch?

Low Expectations for Congress
(FROM: American Thinker) Imagine what the GOP could do if they summoned some testicular fortitude. Inevitably, they won’t even search for it. Perhaps they’re a little worried that, if found, Rev. Jackson will cut them out.

Barack McGovern Clinton
(FROM: National Review) Interesting take on Barack Obama’s similarities politically with Bill Clinton and ideologically with George McGovern. He truly is a different kind of candidate than we’ve seen, but he has roots in a conglomeration of politicians past. I still contend that, managed better than he has been so far, Obama could be the perfect political weapon for this time and place in America.

Rendered Mute
(FROM: National Review) Two days ago, a very nice man named Jose was in my house, installing a new satellite dish for DirecTV. My wife and daughter were home at the time, and by all accounts he went beyond being merely courteous with them both. At one point, my two-year-old daughter was repeatedly yelling “HI!” up the stairs as Jose was doing work in my home office, and Jose was repeatedly yelling “AULA!” back down, much to her delight. Before he left, he kneeled down to my daughter’s level and said to her, playfully, “you know, you should learn Spanish, because we’re here, and we’re growing!” I agree, if the desire behind learning Spanish is to broaden horizons and learn a new language, but I also think that more of the men and women coming here from Mexico and beyond should, much like Jose, come here legally and take steps to learn our language. This is America; we speak English. Barack Obama and John McCain can pander all they want to the Latino vote, but I hope they remember the office to which they aspire is the presidency of the United States of America.


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