July 2, 2008 — Assigned Reading

The Tragic End of Bush’s North Korea Policy
(FROM: The Wall Street Journal) Great piece by John Bolton. I know that it is normal for a two-term president to aspire to serving his first four years as a warrior and his last four as a peacemaker, but President Bush seems to have lost his way. Perhaps it was the failure of his initial policy and strategy in Iraq, correctly called out by people on both sides of the political spectrum, or perhaps it just comes from an overall sentimental concern about legacy. Either way, it is unfortunate. One of the best things about our president is that he seemed to see evil for what it was, and make no excuse for it. “Appeasement” was not a word in his vocabulary when it came to those who wished America ill. Now, however, the Texan cowboy has been replaced with something less vital, something less convicted, and even though I’m no blanket apologist for the man, the downslide is sad nonetheless.

Preparing the Battlefield: The Bush Administration Steps up its Secret Moves Against Iran
(FROM: The New Yorker) Somebody needs to look up “treason” in Webster’s dictionary, then go pay a visit to Seymour Hersh. Using anonymous–or fabricated, perhaps?–sources to undermine America’s war effort puts American lives at risk, comforts the enemy, and for those reasons makes Hersh no better than Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. I’d write more, but I’d be risking a coronary.

Bill Clinton Says Barack Obama must ‘Kiss My Ass’ for Support
(FROM: UK Telegraph) Personally, I just love the headline. Seriously, I can’t figure out why Obama would want Bill Clinton anywhere near his campaign–or, for that matter, his White House–in the first place.

Time to Bury the Fairness Doctrine Once and For All
(FROM: Human Events) This article, by Reps. Greg Walden and Mike Pence, couldn’t be more on the money. As frustrated as I am about John McCain and his habit of appeasing the left at the expense of the right, the possible reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine–a priority among Nancy Pelosi and many democrats–is one of the issues which keeps me reluctantly in the GOP corner rather than making a statement through support of, say, Bob Barr or Ron Paul or even Snoopy.

Wilders: No Case in the Netherlands (until appeal), Sued by Jordan
(FROM: Islam in Europe) Dutch MP Geert Wilders has been sued in Jordan because of the film he released recently, Fitna, which compared certain passages from the Q’uran to violence undertaken by Muslim groups in Allah’s name. Just a few days ago, we learned that the UN’s Human Rights Commission could no longer speak ill of Islam during debate. Why is it that nobody questions Islam? When something horrible is done by a Christian–the bombing of an abortion clinic, for example–the very first people to speak out against it are horrified Christians. Why do we not only see a significant dearth of horror from the Muslim community regarding the acts cited in Fitna and more, but also the strict prohibition of anything which could paint the faith and those activities carried out in its name in a negative light?

Deadly Attack: Terrorist Rams Cars, Bus in Jerusalem
(FROM: CNSNews) This just happened. Pray for those killed. Think about how we can stop this, counter it, without being able to address the problem without being sued, without being criticized. Right now, we are lucky that this sort of thing isn’t happening in the United States. We are lucky that the average American doesn’t have to be wary, doesn’t have to say a silent prayer before boarding a city bus. Pray for those in Jerusalem.


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