McCain Remains Committed to Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Maybe the old adage is true — you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

Or maybe the old age is truly an issue in this election year, as John McCain’s memory seems to be failing.

Just last fall, as the Republican primary heated up and after America rose up and demanded that the McCain-Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill be shot down, McCain relented, saying that he understood what America wanted and heard what Americans had to say on the matter.

“I say it is a lesson learned about what the American people’s priorities are, ” the Arizona senator said in November. “And their priority is to secure the borders.”

Now, McCain is again committed to comprehensive immigration reform, this weekend assuring the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials that spitting in the face of our sovereignty, disregarding our immigration laws, and granting amnesty to those who break the law by even being here is a “top priority — yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

Granted, he also mentioned, much like in November, that securing the border must be at the forefront of any immigration efforts, but I just don’t trust him on it. The only way to reform immigration is to actually enforce the laws currently in place. Companies need to be held accountable for hiring and employing illegal workers, magnets such as laissez-faire city immigration policies and scholarship programs which include children of illegal immigrants must be shut down, our border fence must be physically closed on all sides.

Illegal immigration affects everything. It is tearing our healthcare system apart, weakening our economy, destroying our culture, and leaving dangerous gaps in our national security. Furthermore, it is fundamentally unfair to those who wish to come to America and choose to do so legally.

John McCain does not get it. He constantly angers his conservative base, and he is doing absolutely nothing to secure their vote in November. McCain stands a serious chance of losing this upcoming, super-important election because many on the political right feel better about pissing away their votes by pulling the lever for Bob Barr, or Ron Paul, or just staying home out of disgust.

Gas prices are soaring, Iran is posturing for war and threatening destruction of any and all, and the best candidate the democrats can field is a man with no experience, with giant-sized skeletons in his closet, and with a penchant for sticking his entire foot in his mouth. This election is not lost, but it will be if John McCain continues to court La Raza, global warming activists and the rest of the center-left at the expense of those on the right.

He cannot count on votes from the conservative base. Not when a better presidential candidate–Mitt Romney, Bobby Jindal or others–are a mere four years away. Not when the Republican party seems determined to drill a hole and go down with the ship.

There is so much at stake this year, yet McCain continues to be ambivalent to and even adversarial toward those who put him in this position in the first place.

On the other side of the political spectrum, an inexperienced, super-liberal senator named Barack Hussein Obama is building a movement despite being associated with terrorists, corrupt businessmen and racists for most of his life. On McCain’s side, the only thing building is animosity.


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