June 17, 2008 — Assigned Reading

McCain Plays With Fire on Offshore Drilling
(FROM: Politico) He risks being labeled as a flip-flopper, and rightly so. Still, I think it is the right way to go–one of my biggest problems with McCain was his aversion to drilling, whether in the OCS or in ANWR–but feel as though he might have been able to pull a less painful, less contradictory shift if he waited to align himself with a VP candidate who believed in drilling and exploration. Still, it doesn’t matter. Even above the political value of such a standpoint–energy independence and costs could be the issue of the election–it is absolutely, 100 percent essential for the health, welfare and prosperity of our nation to have access to our own resources. All in all, even if McCain is painted by Obama as being a flip-flopper, Obama is still fighting from a politically inconvenient corner.

Obama’s America is September 10th America
(FROM: National Review Online) I want to hear John McCain shouting, to the rooftops, his rival’s underestimation of the threat facing our country. I want him pointing out every effort at appeasement, every decision–hypothetical or real–which would lead to our nation being less safe. To survive the holy war being waged upon us by determined enemies, we must be able to identify them as enemies and deal with them accordingly. McCain, political shortcomings aside, knows what is at stake. Obama does not.

Bush Becoming a Catholic?
(FROM: Newsmax) Go for it. President Bush has been maligned for his faith, and undoubtedly this type of news will be spun against him by those with Bush Derangement Syndrome. Without a doubt, this news of possible conversion will inevitably be more fodder for those who believe in a false separation of Church and State. For me, even though I’m not a terribly religious man, it’s frustrating. If anything, I want a guy with faith, a guy who answers to a higher power, in the Oval Office. Our Constitution merely states that the government shall not establish a national religion — it says nothing about the Ten Commandments in a courthouse courtyard, or a Mezzuzah on the door of a mayor’s office. If our President feels compelled to make such a change, he should. Who better to guide him, as it were, than the Pope?

Americans Missing in Mexico a Diplomatic Priority, says Texas Congressmen
(FROM: CNS News) I’ve written about it before. Our border is out of control. The benefit of the doubt is constantly given to those who wish to spit in the face of our laws and enter our country without permission, and it’s not enough that we have Border Patrol agents sitting in prison for doing their jobs — there are dozens of American citizens who have been kidnapped from American cities, and yet we never see the story.

Energy Guzzled by Al Gore’s Home in Past Year Could Power 232 U.S. Homes for a Month
(FROM: Tennessee Center for Policy Research) For the life of me, I cannot understand why people believe a word this guy says. Even by Chicken Little standards, his claims are overly apocalyptic. It should be obvious that this farce of Global Warming is really just socialism redefined. Greater government control, redistribution of wealth, and so on and so forth. Perhaps, once these new-age “green” socialists find private jets which run on hypocrisy alone, I’ll actually listen to them.


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