June 11, 2008 — Assigned Reading

Webb’s Rebel Roots:
An Affinity for Confederacy

(FROM: Politico) Outwardly, Virginia Sen. Jim Webb looks like a perfect match for Barack Obama. Obama lacks experience, Webb–who served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs and Secretary of the Navby under Ronald Reagan–has it. Obama has no military experience but is running against a veritable American military hero, Webb served as a Marine and is himself a highly-decorated Vietnam War veteran. So what’s the problem? This article goes into Webb’s affinity for the cause of the Confederacy leading up to the Civil War. And, while many people may look at Webb’s perspective as a possible race-related issue, the real nitty-gritty is that Webb’s perceived view of state sovereignty does not line up with that of the Democratic party. On the other hand, such a viewpoint may help Obama with some southern and otherwise “red” states.

Report From Norway: Why They Don’t Have an Energy Crisis and We Do
(FROM: Human Events) Apparently, Newt Gingrich really wants to make up for doing that Al Gore-funded commercial featuring him and Speaker Pelosi all cozied up on a love seat. Nevertheless, his observations regarding energy policy up there, and the balance between respect for the environment and energy independence he deems “Green Conservatism,” are worth reading about. Of the current energy-related stalemate back in the States: “Emotion trumps science. Regulation blocks innovation. And sound methods of achieving energy independence are overlooked and underdeveloped. And gas prices go up, up, up.”

Senate Votes to Privatize its Failing Restaurants
(FROM: The Washington Post) First of all, I certainly didn’t know that the United States Senate was in the restaurant business. Secondly, if the Senate’s network of eateries has lost more than $18 million since 1993, $2 million of which is from this year alone, perhaps we should think twice about letting these people run our healthcare system. The story notes that, in the past ten years, only twenty new menu items have been introduced. That’s two new menu items per year — so much for innovation! Can you imagine the same lack of innovation with regard to, say, Congressional control of energy? The same people that cannot figure out a new way to cook chicken are going to guide us into Jetson-like transportation and energy use. In twenty years, we’d be back to the horse and buggy. Above all else, the fact that the democrats in control had to look for salvation through privatization — that, my friends, is funniest of all.


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