June 8, 2008 — Assigned Reading

The Unhappy Warrior
(FROM: Politico) McCain is worried about the double-standard apparent in press coverage of his campaign. He should be. His rival is the darling of the mainstream media, a man that himself can do no wrong — if any other candidate had the cast of characters around them that Barack Obama had, they wouldn’t last a month. The media can already take partial credit for tanking Mitt Romney’s campaign, and possibly for letting Hillary Clinton’s campaign atrophy as well. If Barack Obama is to be in the White House come January, it will be the media that gets him there. A wise man I know says that we should never underestimate the stupidity of media-driven people in large groups; I happen to agree with him. McCain will be fighting an uphill battle the entire time — this warrior has every reason to be unhappy.

Obama, Political Viagra
(FROM: National Review) I love Mark Steyn. Enough said.


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