Party Before Country

In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated that “some of the success of the surge” was due to “the goodwill of the Iranians,” saying that they decided when the fighting in Basra would end, and they negotiated the cease-fire.

Acknowledging the bravery and talent of our soldiers, of course, would not be politically convenient for Pelosi or the Democratic party, nor would making the natural connection between Iran’s ability to cease fighting and their role in the Global War on Terror. Therefore, Pelosi’s praise for the Iranians at the expense of our troops should come as no surprise, as democrats have long put their party before their country, and have long displayed a thinly-veiled animosity toward our military.

With Barack Obama now having clinched the nomination of his party, it makes me wonder — is this really the attitude toward foreign policy and national security embodied by those on the political left? If, by chance, the Democratic party would have control of the White House and Congress by January of next year, would they abandon the political games and take seriously foreign policy and national security once entrusted with the safety of our nation?

I hope so, but I doubt it.

Pelosi is still blocking the renewal of intelligence-gathering authority under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. They have continued to leave our nation open to those who wish to do us harm, and have done so purely out of political gamesmanship, elevating the financial interest of trial lawyers over the national security of the United States by refusing to renew FISA until telecommunications companies are no longer immune from legal action. Yet, if and when—God forbid—America sustains another terrorist attack, Pelosi and the same core group of democrats who have personally hindered the security of the country by blocking the renewal of FISA will be the very first to publicly pass the blame onto the Bush administration, and the media and Bush-deranged segment of the American public will eat it all up.

How do the democrats sleep at night, knowing that the political games they play harm America and kill Americans? How do they look at themselves in the mirror, knowing that their own Congressional office, their own parking spot and meal plan, means more than the safety and prosperity of the country as a whole?

When Nancy Pelosi intentionally and needlessly caused strife in relations between Turkey and the United States last year, just like when Harry Reid declared that the war was lost and emboldened our enemies, it put our soldiers in harm’s way. When Pelosi refuses to renew the necessary surveillance measures implemented under FISA, it puts America in harm’s way. When she praises Iran for any success in Iraq, rather than the soldiers and the leadership and even the people of Iraq who have actually made it happen, she endangers everyone involved.

Why is it that the political left is so opposed to what is right? On the local level here in Philadelphia, the benefit of the doubt is given to the criminals, while the police officers are placed under heavy scrutiny, just like on the international level, where the benefit of the doubt—and even praise—is given to the likes of Hugo Chavez, of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, of the powers that be in Hamas, sworn enemies of the United States all, rather than to the people who deserve it and fight for it every day.

I’ll never understand the “Blame America First” mentality, driven perhaps by an international sort of white guilt, different only in that those who perpetuate it feel guilty not for being white but for being Americans and therefore want to level the playing field with people who would like nothing more than our destruction. I cannot fathom what goes through their minds, how they rationalize advocating measures, policies and ideas that contradicts and countermands everything this country stands for.

The American philosopher Elbert Hubbard once said that “responsibility is the price of freedom.” Therefore, the responsibility of perpetuating our freedom, of representing Americans in an arena where Americans cannot represent themselves falls upon people like Pelosi, like Reid, like Joseph Biden and John Murtha and John Kerry, and I challenge them to find a majority of Americans who believe as they do, who believe that the men and women who protect our country are the true terrorists, who believe that those who wish every day for the destruction of Western civilization are somehow misunderstood, who believe that words and tea and broken bread can cure all global ills, even if the other party across the table is a killer, a kidnapper, a murderer, a religious fanatic. I challenge them to find a single American who, like them, views the success of any political party as more important than the success of the nation.

Democrat or republican, liberal or conservative or somewhere in between, the majority of Americans do not share the same perspective as those currently in charge. The majority of Americans would not accept and line up with this ultra-liberal, politically correct, “Blame America First” perspective of appeasement in the name of globalism. They wouldn’t. The problem, however, is that Americans are too busy, too caught up with their daily lives and their jobs, and whatever energy is left to absorb current events is spent on what is easy, what doesn’t cause stress or frustration or nightmares. As a result, news of Angelina Jolie’s twins or Lindsay Lohan’s wardrobe malfunction is largely the topic of conversation at the water cooler rather than delegate counts or nuclear proliferation or counterinsurgency measures.

As a result, because the Americans have placed their political vehicle in cruise control and are trusting the roosters with the hen-house, the political left is free to play political games with America’s safety and prosperity, free to make ideological gambles with American lives. Whatever press coverage they do get will inevitably be favorable due to the left-leaning nature of the mainstream media.

Heck, look at the nominee for president that the Democratic party is about to put forth. All sizzle, no steak. Yet all the Americans seem to want, save for the media-savvy few, is a guy who represents “change” and “hope” and who cares what other stuff – should Obama get into policy, the Americans will change the channel over to America’s Next Top Model or So You Think You Can Dance anyway.

Americans don’t have time to see, hear and read all of the evidence showing that the Democratic party majority dislikes America, abhors her power and her station in the world. The average American hasn’t seen them jump at the chance to disparage the military, to paint as right-wing nuts anyone who dares to stand up for our Constitution and the intentions of those who wrote it. What the average American does hear are cries of “don’t question my patriotism.” The thing is, questioning government IS patriotic, but countermanding it is treason.

In an inaugural speech, Bill Clinton once said that “there is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.” Clinton was absolutely correct, but the very first step to that sentiment, however, is acknowledging what IS right with America. How sad, indeed, that the democrats refuse to do so unless it is politically convenient.



  1. Don says:

    Democrats are Democrats. When a dog shits on a sidewalk it’s not littering … it’s just being a dog.

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