It’s Barack Obama!

As of ninety minutes ago, the Associated Press is reporting that Illinois Sen. Barack Obama has reached the magic number of 2118 convention delegates necessary to obtain the Democratic party nomination, making him the first African-American candidate in history to lead a party into a general presidential election.

It doesn’t matter that Hillary Clinton will likely grab, in decisive fashion, the primary in South Dakota–if not Montana, too–today. It also doesn’t matter that, should Clinton take today’s contests, Obama will only have won two primaries–North Carolina and Oregon–to Clinton’s seven since winning the Mississippi primary on March 11. Furthermore, due to the decision made by the count-every-vote, Democratic party to discount the will of the people of Florida and Michigan, it also doesn’t matter that Clinton may very well have won the popular vote, eerily reminiscent of the outcry following George W. Bush’s popular vote loss in 2000 to Al Gore.

So now, the Democratic party will field a candidate who has grown ideologically amidst associations with racists, anti-Semites, anti-Americans, shady businessmen and domestic and foreign terrorists, a candidate with no executive experience, no foreign policy experience, no business experience, a penchant for political correctness and appeasement, but in possession of a political gift of eloquence surpassing even that of fallen Democratic party god William Jefferson Clinton.

It makes me wonder which America will show up in November — an America who stands up for what it truly believes in, or an America shaped and formed and molded and led like sheep by the mainstream media, by white guilt, by political correctness and by a jilted, nonsensical, idealist view that “hope” and “change” are somehow new and necessary and always a good thing.

UPDATE: Hillary Clinton is “open” to the vice presidency.


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