Decision Time?

Despite having won the vast majority of recent primaries, despite having a solid stake at the popular vote, and despite a political rival with some questionable character issues, Hillary Clinton may very well end up conceding following a superdelegate shift early this week.

It just goes to show the mess that is the Democratic party. While I am by no means a Clinton fan (that goes for any of ‘em), she is a much more solid and trouble-free candidate than Barack Obama. He just has too much baggage and too little experience at this point. He’s just too green, too susceptible to mistakes, gaffes and just overall bad moves.

While I don’t think that you can ever count the Clintons out–hence the Trumanesque photo illustration–a concession would not be a total surprise. Then again, maybe the superdelegates will get smart and realize that their probable nominee is an empty suit with a great [but ultra left-wing] speaking voice.

Still — when has the Democratic party been known for common sense?


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