Obama and Friends: Priests, Preachers, and Terrorists Foreign and Domestic

In 2004, Obama stated that “maintaining your moral compass” is always a difficult challenge, and that Fr. Michael Pfleger, a friend of more than twenty years, has helped him keep that compass sent.

A month ago, after the fallout from the exposure of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s radical statements, Obama sought advice and counsel from … you guessed it … Fr. Michael Pfleger.

One by one, the Holy Trinity of Spiritual Advisors to Barack Hussein Obama are falling. Even Rev. Otis Moss, the third of the threesome filled out by Wright and Pfleger and praised by Obama as being a “wonderful young pastor,” also has unclean hands by not only introducing Pfleger on Sunday, but praising him after he was done bashing America and mocking Hillary Clinton.

This, of course, is just the latest from Fr. Pfleger, who has previously defended Louis Farrakhan and his anti-semitic statements and called for the death of a gun shop owner. Voters and superdelegates alike need to look at Obama’s longtime friends and associates. These are people who Obama chose to align himself with during some of the most ideologically formative years of a man’s life.

There is Pfleger, Wright and Moss, of course. There’s also domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, who Obama has delivered speeches with, dined with, and turned to for his very first political fundraiser. Then, of course, there’s Tony Rezko, recently indicted entrepreneur and fervent Obama supporter.

But that’s not all …

Meet Rashid Khalidi.

Obama met Khalidi when the latter was a Middle Eastern Studies professor at the University of Chicago. Khalidi and young Barack became fast friends and, in 2000, he hosted a successful fundraiser for the Illinois senator. Soon thereafter, Obama served alongside Khalidi–and also Bill Ayers–as a paid director on the board of the Woods Fund, an Illinois-based nonprofit organization which claims to provide help to the have-nots. In 2001 and 2002, while Obama was on the board, the Woods Fund provided a pair of grants totaling $75,000 to the Arab-American Action Network, a controversial group which views Israel as racist and mourns its very establishment. The grants proved to be about 20 percent of the AAAN’s grant income for the two years.

Khalidi helped to establish the AAAN, and his wife serves as president of the group. Over the years, he has had plenty of disparaging things to say about Israel, has supported Palestinian acts of terrorism, and is said to have worked for the Palestine Liberation Organization while it was actively involved in terrorism and deemed by the U.S. Department of State to be a terrorist organization.

Racists, sexists, anti-Americans. Domestic terrorists, foreign terrorists, terrorist sympathizers and corrupt businessmen. These are the people that Barack Obama counts as friends, as supporters, as mentors, as co-workers.

With a potential president with friends like these, who needs enemies?



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