May 14, 2008 — Assigned Reading

Most days, I feel like I don’t have enough time to share everything I’d like to. So, I decided that, more often than not, I’ll provide some links to some of the articles I read over the past day or so. Some of them I might summarize or comment on, while others I may just post the headline.

Contrary to the words above, these things are by no means assigned reading. Still, I hope that cherry-picking a few pieces might bring y’all by America’s Right a little more often.

– Jeff

NYT: McCain “Sealed Away” From the Lessons of Vietnam

The article is to be run in the New York Times’ upcoming Sunday magazine. From the excerpts available, it seems that the Times is maintaining that John McCain, while noble, may not be a “real” vet — like John Kerry, or Chuck Hagel. So, because he spent five-plus years broken and tortured as a POW and was not in foxholes or on boats like other Vietnam veterans, he somehow doesn’t “get it?” I think it’s the Times that doesn’t get it. What pricks.

Obama, McCain Aim to Curb ’527s’
Funny how John McCain is so quick to repudiate and denounce the various 527 groups which have supported him, yet it was his unconscionable and unconstitutional advocacy of campaign finance reform which led to the establishment of such groups in the first place.

Racist Incidents Give Some Obama Campaigners Pause
The Obama campaign, as post-racial as they outwardly suggest they might be, are absolutely obsessed with race. This piece, which ran on the front page of yesterday’s Washington Post, may have detailed some awful and unacceptable examples of racism and intolerance encountered by Obama’s volunteers, but it wasn’t until AFTER the jump to the back pages that such incidents were deemed to be isolated. This, I fear, is a harbinger of things to come in the general election. Any pieces in the Post about problems encountered by McCain staffers while out on the road? Surely he’s been called “too old.” Surely he’s been called a “war-monger” or a “baby-killer” by extreme liberals. Why no coverage of McCain’s trials and tribulations, Washington Post?

Nutter, Rendell Want Assault-Weapons Ban
Someone needs to explain to these people that the Chinese-made SKS rifle did not kill Ofc. Stephen Liczbinski — Howard Cain did. When Sean Patrick Conroy was murdered on a subway platform last month, those punks did not have so-called assault weapons, nor did they have handguns, knives, or pointed sticks. They had a thug mentality, a lack of respect for life. That mentality killed Sean Conroy, and that mentality killed Ofc. Liczbinski. Rendell and Nutter need to quit shifting blame. We all do.


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