Trying to Come to Terms With the McCain General Election Strategy

Like the puppy dog or space shuttle on one of those “Magic Eye” posters, the John McCain Presidential Strategy is slowly coming into focus. Also like those posters, the more I try to look beyond the seemingly random chaff and visualize the picture inside, the more my head hurts.

If the climate change-centric advertisements or the planned entertainment of La Raza’s open borders vitriol didn’t tip the Arizona senator’s hat, I don’t know what will. McCain is banking on Obama’s far-left ideology and is actively courting the center right and even the center left. If McCain continues his shift toward the center and left, I suspect Joe Lieberman will soon be playing a very public role in his campaign.

As you know, this worries me. In his advertisement, when McCain speaks about the differing attitudes toward the global socialist farce that is the global warming movement, stating that “[o]ne extreme thinks high taxes and crippling regulation is the solution. Another denies the problem even exists,” I’m the latter.

I think the whole movement is a sham. Look at the list on the right side of the America’s Right home page. Global warming as a potential disaster is a ruse. A farce. Total, utter crap. Do we need to be good stewards of the planet? Of course we do. However, I firmly believe that we need to be unbelievably careful when dealing with Mother Nature and her own way of correcting herself, lest we do more harm than good. Recycling is great, using less energy is noble. Still, the devotional nature of global warming activism belies the fact that we MUST be acutely aware of unintended consequences — nobody wants to be the pediatrician who cured an ailing young Adolf Hitler.

Of course, I’m not just the latter when it comes to global warming. I’m the guy that John McCain knows is conscious of the consequences of an Obama administration, I’m the guy he is banking on to vote for him in November regardless of how much he alienates me along the way. Sadly, he’s probably right about me. He may not, however, be right about many others given the distractions orchestrated by the likes of Bob Barr and Ron Paul.

I hope this whole thing comes with a wink and a nod. If this movement to the left is in response to Obama’s own far-left position, if it is meant to capture the hearts and minds of moderate Democrats who would hesitate to vote for an Obama based upon his extreme left-leaning policies, more power to him. If, however, Obama selects a moderate running mate or even moves to the right of McCain with regard to cap-and-trade legislation or other issues, then McCain’s jete toward liberalism may backfire.

Watching the new standard-bearer for the GOP pander to the democrats is not easy, and will be especially difficult to swallow if he does not act to ensure the conservative base of the Republican party that the pandering is not typical John McCain fare and is instead an effort to simply keep a democrat out of the oval office. His nice speech on the judiciary last week was a start. He should do it again, maybe make a few more policy speeches ensuring conservatives that they are not forgotten. Taxes. Sovereignty. National security.

Then, pick a conservative running mate, someone who can fill out the right side of the political spectrum while McCain himself dances around on both sides of the middle. So long as Obama stays to the left in his policies and his running mate, it might just work after all.


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