Damage Control — Too Little, Too Late?

Barack Obama did the right thing, both politically and otherwise, by finally denouncing Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his anti-American, racist and offensive statements. While Obama said, in his press conference today, that Wright was not the same man that he met 20 years ago, it makes me wonder about what happened over the past twenty years.

Surely he knew what was going on. Surely he knew what Wright stood for, what he believed. Still, denouncing him was the correct thing to do, though it may have come too late. Instead of working to explain through his Christianity that he is not a Muslim, as he had to do a month or so ago, perhaps Obama’s statements today will save him from having to explain over the next few weeks and months that, in fact, he didn’t quite go to church all that often at all.

Either way, in the game that is “gotcha” politics, if you are explaining, you are losing.

Before I get to studying, I must say that Wright’s recent media blitz makes me wonder if the good Reverend wants his parishioner to win the presidency at all. Think about it — an African American man who, along with his wife, worked hard to earn opportunities and spots at some of America’s greatest schools before becoming the 44th President of the United States is a story that runs afoul of the sentiments and sermons which pack the pews and pad the coffers each and every Sunday.


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