The Republican Party Has Gone Soft

John McCain and Newt Gingrich on Display.

I keep waiting for Newt to stand, pry up one of those sofa cushions, and smother that botoxed, smirky grin right off of Nancy Pelosi’s taut face.

Each time I see the commercial, brought to us by Al Gore’s “WE” group, I get more and more dissapointed.

Instead, Newt and Nancy legitimize the monumental fraud and farce perpetrated and perpetuated by Gore and his legion of activists. As I see Newt Gingrich, author of the Contract for America, sitting there on the White House lawn contemplating–or at the very least tacitly supporting–economy- and industry-shaking measures to counteract a crackpot theory, I cannot help but wonder what has happened to the Republican party.

Why, oh why, has the GOP become so gosh-darned soft?

Enter John McCain, presumptive Republican nominee. For the past few days, McCain has been getting more and more flaccid with his approach toward Barack Obama and the Rev. Wright-invoking commercial running in North Carolina in an attempt to drum up the conservative base for state-wide voting in a hotly contested gubernatorial race.

McCain started out by saying that, while he would like to see the ad pulled, he “could not dictate” action to the North Carolina GOP. Then, he released a statement telling the NC GOP that “it is imperative that you withdraw this offensive statement.”

Offensive? OFFENSIVE?

I’m offended by Jeremiah Wright’s hate speech. I’m even more offended by John McCain’s pattern of appeasement with regard to the Illinois senator.

Hillary Clinton has no problem deploying “the kitchen sink,” and it works for her. Heck, she brings up Obama’s association with unrepentant domestic terrorist William Ayers even though her husband commuted the sentences of two of Ayers’ fellow Weather Underground members, including one–Susan Rosenberg–who was caught with 740 pounds of explosives.

Why is John McCain so hesitant to do the same? These are not cheap shots or even a departure from substance, as Obama would have everyone believe. This is a matter of judgment, of paramount importance when it comes to the presidency. These are real associations with real people of a real questionable nature. Bill Ayers and his crew bombed federal buildings, and as recently as April 3rd of this year has said that he didn’t do enough. Rev. Wright, along with Rev. Otis Moss and Fr. Michael Pfleger, continues to spew hatred. These are not cheap shots in the slightest. These are valid, extremely relevant issues that go toward answering an essential question posed of any presidential candidate:

Who ARE you?


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