Toasting Hillary Clinton For a Job Well Done

I don’t quite know what to make of everything. Here, this is the 100th posting on America’s Right, and with it I am celebrating a victory for Hillary Clinton.

I sure didn’t see this coming.

Actually, I didn’t see this coming on a number of fronts. Most importantly–and thankfully–I was dead wrong in predicting that Barack Obama was going to prevail in Pennsylvania. I said, flat-out, that he was going to win, and instead he lost by a double-digit margin.

I couldn’t be happier.

Was it Hillary’s close relationship with Gov. Ed Rendell and his machine? Was it the endorsement of Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter? Was it Barack Obama’s abysmal debate performance a week ago? Or was it his controversial comments about rural, embittered Pennsylvanians clinging to guns, to God, and to antipathy towards those who look different?

I don’t know. Heck, if I was this wrong about a simple win or loss, it’s doubtful that I may be able to shed light upon the underlying reasoning.

Who cares, though? The implosion of the Democratic party continues on. That alone is reason enough to raise a glass and toast Mrs. Clinton.


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