Wading Knee-Deep Through Hippies in the City of Brotherly Love

Today, my hometown was the focus of the political world. It was also the center of the friggin’ liberal universe. You have no idea how maddening it is that I have no time to fully expand upon everything that has transpired.

While I may not have the time to explain how truly frustrating it is to see such ignorance to common sense and fact, I will say that walking through Philadelphia today–especially in the area around the National Constitution Center, site of tonight’s Democratic Party debate–was like trudging through an east coast Berkeley.

You know, I own a camera rig worth more than $1000 … it’s sad that the best I could do was some hasty camera photo shots. Nevertheless, here you go:

This was taken a little before noon. Note that the crowd is gathered on the front lawn of Independence Hall. In that room back there, right above the “Free Tibet” sign, our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution. I may not agree with the ideas and ideals of those gathered on the grass, and at times later when the crowd was decidedly thicker I might have felt as though I was wading knee-deep through granola and patchouli stink, but they have the right to assemble and speak out on that lawn because of what occured in the building behind them.

I find it sad that most people are taking advantage of rights they’ve long ago overlooked, taken for granted, or simply forgotten.

While I would most likely rather dig out my cochlea with a soup spoon than participate in a conversation with the people in this car, I did find their float very creative, and I applaud them for it.

I wonder if they know that the house directly to their right in the final photo is a re-built structure on the very spot where Thomas Jefferson lived while penning the Declaration of Independence.

Probably not.


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