Obama Picks Up Endorsement of Hamas

This past Sunday, during a WABC Radio interview with Ahmed Yousef, chief political advisor to the Prime Minister of Hamas, Barack Obama picked up an endorsement from the terrorist organization — an important endorsement, I guess, if you’re trying to garner more votes from the political left and the “Blame America First” crowd.

While a politician certainly cannot control who decides to support their candidacy or cause–Obama, I hope, did not actively pursue this endorsement–I find two aspects of this particularly maddening:

First, if John McCain were to receive an endorsement by David Duke or some neo-Nazi skinhead leader, it would be front-page news on nearly every American newspaper and leading every local and national newscast for the better part of a week. So far, I’ve heard next to nothing about Hamas’ endorsement of Obama.

Second, wasn’t it only about a month ago when McCain was forced to kowtow to the forces of white guilt and political correctness when he made yet again another apology for a true statement made by one of his own supporters?

In that case, it was Iowa Rep. Steve King, who mentioned that an Obama win in November would cause terrorists to start “dancing in the streets.”

The thing is, terrorists DO support democrats and, as evidenced by former President Jimmy “Dhimmi” Carter’s recent disgraceful actions, democrats occasionally support–and warmly embrace–terrorists.

From actively sabotaging the Global War on Terror to overtly refusing to confirm judges, if the American public knew of and actually understood the extent of everything that the Democrats and the political left do to undermine and harm this country, there might be the sort of uproar that this nation so desperately needs. The problem, however, is that we’ve got politicians on both sides that are too married to their power to rock the boat, a mainstream media that is completely in the pocket of the offenders, and a populace that is either too busy to pay attention, too ignorant to understand, or too superficial to give a damn.

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  1. IdaReggaeMon says:

    Dude, It’s IOWA Rep. Steve King, Not Idaho.

  2. Jeff Schreiber says:

    You’re right! Yikes.

    Where the heck did I get Idaho?

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