Charlton Heston, Dead at 84

People, especially those on the Left, tend to look at Charlton Heston’s tireless advocacy for Second Amendment rights and stop. They hear “FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS!” and see Heston with rifle raised high and, in a rush of politicalization, dismiss him as just another celebrity enthusiast for one cause or another.

As priceless as his advocacy for gun rights and his revitalization of the National Rifle Association may be, Heston was more than just a posterboy for a controversial topic. Sure, people know that he was a film legend, but most do not know or do not care to learn that he was a civil rights leader.

That’s right. Mr. Conservative Armed American, vilified by the American Left for urging that our government uphold our Constitution, marched on Washington, D.C. with Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963 in an attempt to urge our government to uphold our Constitution. Before that, he was busy picketing whites-only restaurants across the south and midwest.

Heston’s death will be politicized. Heck, I’ve done it within the past half-dozen sentences. Still, we shouldn’t forget that America lost a patriot and a legend today.

We should remember, proudly, his service as a bomber gunner in World War II. We should look back upon, fondly, his picketing and marching and speaking out for racial equality. We should smile as we recall his talent and revel in his immortality for roles such as Marc Antony, as Moses, as Thomas Jefferson, Michelangelo and as John the Baptist, as Mike Vargas, as El Cid and as Judah Ben-Hur.

America lost far more than a political figure today. We lost a true, honest-to-goodness, red, white and blue American.

Rest in peace, Mr. Heston.



  1. Aaron says:

    Absolutely spot on.

    May are too quick to slap a label on or pin the flavor of the moment tail on a person.


  2. Anonymous says:

    no “e” in charlton

  3. Jeff Schreiber says:

    Thank you for looking out.

    Much needed correction made!

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