More From the "Blame America First" Crowd

What did you know and when did you know it?

Always the question in question. Always asked by some bloated fat-cat politician during some sort of hearing on steriods, on securities, on security.

When we are attacked again on U.S. soil, it’ll be the very first question asked of a sitting Republican by the ranking Democrat on some committee, even if it was proven that it was the Democrats’ political games which left us vulnerable in the first place.

What did you know and when did you know it?

How come nobody has really asked that question of Democratic Congressmen Jim McDermott, Jim Thompson or David Bonior, who took a trip to Iraq just before the war on Saddam Hussein’s dime?

From the background information available, it looks like the congressmen should have had ample opportunity to ask and learn about those who funded their trip to look into the plight of Iraqi children, apparently suffering due to the embargo placed upon Iraq by the United States.

Perhaps the information just didn’t matter to them. It didn’t matter who paved the way for them to buy into and perpetuate Saddam Hussein’s anti-American propaganda. It didn’t matter because, to them, America was the evil one for denying food to these starving children. Pay no attention to the reason behind the embargo. Pay no attention to the mass graves, the gas killings. Pay no attention to the gilded furniture in Saddam’s many palaces, or the money that could have cared for the children but was instead misappropriated by Saddam’s oil-rich regime. Children were suffering, and any possible reason to Blame America First was a good one.

Nothing new from the democrats. Sadly, nothing new indeed.


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