Blindfolded by Political Correctness, We March to Our Own Destruction

Steven Emerson’s excellent article at today sheds some light on the goals, presence and affiliations of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), exposing internal memos and even federal investigation results showing not only the intentions of the group’s founders to further Islamic Jihad from within our own borders, structure and culture, but also the group’s obvious ties with Hamas.

The liberal apologists in this country need to wake up. The people who give the benefit of the doubt to those who wake up each and every morning dreaming of our destruction rather than to the country which allows them to practice their anti-American advocacy need to wake up. Everybody does.

The affiliations and intentions of those behind CAIR come as no surprise, neither does the lack of attention that such affiliations and intentions will get from the mainstream media. Even if attention was given, even if CAIR’s motives and ties were all over the evening news, I’m not so sure that it would matter — America is so distracted by the latest cellphone, by the activities of Brangelina or the current count on the turnstyle inside Britney Spears’ vagina that I’m not so sure such a story would survive a 24-hour news cycle.

Furthermore, many Americans feel guilty thinking of such things. Just like how, according to Barack Obama, the fear of strange black men has been “bred into” typical white people like his own grandmother, political correctness gone wild has been seemingly bred into American culture. If we question Rev. Wright’s anti-American and bigoted views, for example, suddenly we’re lynching him; If we say that the promotion of transgender lifestyles in elementary schools and third-grade classrooms is inappropriate, for example, suddenly we’re ignorant to gender confusion or just plain homophobic; Finally, if we force ourselves to listen, think and act when people like Steven Emerson detail the goals, affiliations and intentions of the enemy within, we’re suddenly Islamophobic.

Those who jump at the opportunity to defend CAIR and those who stick up for the inherently American civil rights (such as habeus corpus) of Muslims captured in the process of harming or planning to harm Americans need to understand that they–the academics, the artists, the singers, the ACLU types–would be the very first ones lined up and shot should the hopes and dreams of these zealots be realized.

I’m not trying to say that women who plan to vote for a democrat in the general election should go ahead and make an appointment with their tailor to get fitted for a burqa, but the voting public does need to realize that certain plans and proposed policies of candidates such as Barack Obama–the candidate of choice among terrorists worldwide who doesn’t understand the need for a secure border, who plans to immediately pull our forces out of Iraq so the Islamofascists can claim victory over the American devil–actually work more in the favor of those who want to Islamify the West.

The expected revelations regarding CAIR should actually place emphasis upon the need to address the substantive issues recently cast aside in favor of empty, bliss-inducing oratory. We must secure both our southern and northern borders, as Mexican men and women are not the only people who cross each under the cover of night. We must stay on the offensive with regard to the Global War on Terror, as any military commander will tell you that once you fall back on merely reacting to your adversary rather than engaging and dictating action, you have lost. We must provide our government with the tools necessary to ensure the safety of Americans within the fifty states, as those who wish to destroy us never are forced to hurdle political games en route to their ultimate goal. We must mandate responsible government spending and responsible personal spending as well, as maintaining the strength of a military requires a strong country and strong economy behind it. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we must guard against the perversion of our national identity and our own ideals by ensuring that those who sit on the bench of the highest court of the land look to our founding documents and the intentions behind them, as judicial activism feeds and fosters political correctness, which will be the root of jihad from within.

Europe is already falling … fast. Groups like CAIR are the catalysts of the change seen in Spain and France, the latter of which has whole cities controlled by Muslims and Islamic Law to the point where French police dare not patrol. Groups like CAIR are the force behind the political correctness that has caused the Archbishop of Canterbury to admit that Sharia Law is inevitable in the U.K. Groups like CAIR are the forerunners and harbingers of jihad from within, and anyone who doesn’t believe that America is following in the footsteps of Old Europe is either too involved with American Idol or willfully sticking their head in the sand in the hopes that everything will eventually go away.

But it will not. Not unless we wake up.

People seem to get this sense that America and Western civilization as a whole is somehow infallible. It is not. Every great civilization, from the Prussians to the Egyptians to the Carthaginians to the Romans, has fallen — and there is no reason to believe that we cannot be next.

We are marching ourselves, blindfolded by political correctness, right toward our own destruction. We need to be careful, we need to be vigilant, and we need to be unafraid, lest we hand over our own severed infidel heads on a silver platter.



  1. Olavo de Carvalho says:

    Dear Jeff Schreiber, Congratulations for your articles. You are a keen and honest observer of the facts. I would only like to add something to your call to wake-up. Americans are asleep since the 50s, when they chose to decry Sen. Joe McCarthy’s warnings. They blinded themselves again when they believed the Warren Commission, when they believed they had been militarly defeated in Vietnam, when they believed the problem in Latin America were the right-wing military and when they refused to believe Anatolyi Golytsin on Russia. They are just used to dupe themselves. I am afraid it is too late for them to recover the normal use of human intelligence in political matters.

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