Where is Lex Luthor When We Need Him?

For years, the California state legislature has harassed homeschooling parents at every possible juncture, threatening them with not only losing their kids but with legal action as well.

Today, it finally happened for real, as a state-level appellate court handed down a decision which may leave almost 200,000 Californian children without educational means, and which may force homeschooling parents without teaching credentials to face possible criminal prosecution.

Parents, according to the Second District Court of Appeals, must send their children to full-time public or private schools; or, if they truly want their children educated at home, it must be done by tutors with teaching credentials.

This is just the latest installment in that particular state government’s dangerous habit of overstepping its Constitutional limitations.

For example, in early January, the California Energy Commission expressed its desire to control, via radio signal, all thermostats in new or renovated homes in the state in hopes to be able to mitigate energy crises. Thankfully, amidst a public outcry, the commission rescinded its proposal.

Or, just a few weeks ago, a bill gained approval from the state senate which would require that the science curriculum in California include Global Warming junk science WITHOUT BEING ACCOMPANIED BY COUNTER-ARGUMENTS. This makes me want to jump out of a window, and a closed one at that — just for the extra pain. Taxpayers are supposed to pay for textbooks to indoctrinate that state’s students in total crap science? What does the California legislature want, more wonderfully-successful “green” federal buildings in San Francisco?

And, of course, who doesn’t remember the debate back in 2002 over Across the Centuries, the social-studies textbook required for use in all of California’s seventh-grade public classrooms? Perhaps it was that very textbook–in which students were encouraged to assume a Muslim name, pray to glorious Allah, subjugate their female classmates, and “assume you are a Muslim soldier on your way to conquer Syria in the year A.D. 635; write three journal entries that reveal your thoughts about Islam, fighting in battle, or life in the desert.”–which caused parents to re-think the merits of public school education in California.

I cannot even begin to comprehend what goes on in these people’s minds. Whatever happened to returning power to the people? If a certain segment of the population really deems it necessary to teach Al Gore’s meritless, fact-stretching drivel in public classrooms, they should put up a referendum. The same goes for the question of whether our seventh-grade schoolchildren should be forced to “think like radical Islamofascist” — if the people who propose such absolute insanity think that it will somehow be good for the state’s children, then put it up for referendum for the people of California to decide.

Similarly, when it comes to issues of whether or not we can have control over the temperatures in our own homes, perhaps the state’s environmental agency or energy commission could spend some brain power on an advertising campaign reminding people that using energy wisely not only helps the environment but also keeps their own personal costs down.

Finally, with regard to homeschooling — I look forward to this decision being appealed. If a parent wants to home-school their child, they should be able to. Certain standards, of course, must be met in order for that child to move on through the educational process, but who in God’s name are these elected officials to tell parents how to educate their own children? Perhaps if the public schools weren’t teaching the kids all about junk science and the merits of global Jihad, Californian parents would be more likely to entrust the schools with the lives and future of their children.

Should Lex Luthor’s plan ever come to fruition and the entire left coast gets dropped off into the Pacific, I certainly hope that the new leadership in Luthorville and Otisburg will not yet have their collective craniums stuffed deep inside their own asses, much unlike those currently in power in California.


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