You Don’t Have to Go Home …

Saturday Night Live (Feb. 23, 2008)

Enough is enough.

I understand that, unlike the governors and senators who shared the dais over the past year, he does not draw a paycheck. I respect that he wants to offer voters a choice in the primary. First and foremost, I can see that he obviously has a great time mingling with the masses, speaking to a far broader audience than he ever dreamed of while leading his megachurch or his state. Still, it’s time for Mike Huckabee to go home.

Don’t get me wrong — I absolutely love what he had to contribute to this election cycle. When I had the opportunity to see him back in July 2007, I knew then that the man who walked through the lobby of the Philadelphia Convention Center Marriott unnoticed would not stay that way for long. I did not–and do not–agree with him on every issue, but he brought something to this race that can never be replicated.

His win in Iowa stands, for me, as one of the most memorable events in presidential politics. His performances in the debates have been more than admirable and his continued success, even to date, has been extraordinary.

Still, enough is enough.

For one, after working so hard to rise above the ranks of the second- and third-tier candidates into the first-tier, momentary frontrunner, and legitimacy, Mike Huckabee is hindering his chances to be taken seriously in the future. Secondly, his continued candidacy is keeping the GOP base from coming together in a time when the Democratic party could be left in tatters.

I like Mike. I hope he continues to work toward his vision of a better America; I hope he continues to be in the public eye.

For now, however, it’s time for him to watch this one from the sidelines.



  1. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Mike Huckabee deserves a role at the table. He ran a good and clean campaign (despite the fact that he “killed” Romney’s chances for religious reasons). Now he should simply step aside and let the party unify around one candidate, McCain, even if we don’t like him very much.

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