Yes, We Can [secure the borders for the sake of American lives]!!

This weekend, perhaps, parents and teachers and neighbors and friends will bury 12-year old Reed Stevens, nine-year-old Emilee Olson, and 13- and nine-year-old brothers Jesse and Hunter Javens.

These four children were killed on Tuesday when 23-year old Alainiss Morales ran a stop sign and broadsided the school bus on which Reed, Emilee, Jesse and Hunter were riding along with 24 other students from the area surrounding the small town of Cottonwood, Minnesota.

Morales is in the country illegally, and does not possess a driver’s license. Police are doubting whether “Alainiss Morales” is actually her real name, and Immigration officials are working to figure out where she came from and just how long she has been in Minnesota.

Emilee Olson

Minneapolis, as Michelle Malkin so graciously reminds us, is a sanctuary city, a haven for illegal immigrants like Morales who wish to live and work in America without fear of interference from government and law enforcement. For almost five years now, police have been barred from enforcing federal immigration laws or even asking about immigration status at traffic stops.

This woman should not have been here in the first place. Her very presence in the United States of America runs contrary to the rule of law. Yet there she was, in Cottonwood, ripping the hearts out of three families and casting a pall over an entire town. Had our law enforcement officials been given the opportunity to enforce our current immigration laws, had our bureaucrats gotten their collective asses in gear and built the goddamn fence across our southern border, these children might be watching cartoons, doing their homework, playing hide-and-seek with their parents this weekend instead of being lowered into the frozen ground.

Reed Stevens

According to the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform (an organization named “CAIR” that doesn’t make me want to jump out the nearest open window), illegal immigrants account for 17.5 percent of all crimes prosecuted in federal courts, yet only account for six percent of the population. Illegal aliens make up approximately 30 percent of the inmates in federal prisons and up to about 25 percent in many local jails.

It seems like every other week we hear of another criminal alien, in many cases people who have been caught for various crimes and never deported, murdering homeowners in botched home invasions and killing children in drunk-driving accidents. While mainstream media coverage of such incidents are rare, some cases resurrect the immigration debate now and then.

Jesse Javens

In April of 2007, for example, as Washington was preparing for battle on the McCain-Kennedy Immigration bill, an illegal immigrant named Alfredo Ramos killed 16-year-old Tessa Tranchant and 17-year-old Allison Kuhnhardt when he slammed into the back of their vehicle while driving his own while drunk. Just two months earlier, 22-year-old Ramos had been convicted on prior DUI charges. For Christ’s sake, Ramos was breaking the law merely by being here, yet was still on the roads when he took these girls’ lives. If we would only enforce our own immigration laws, the parents of these girls would be helping them prepare for college instead of laying flowers at their graves.

A few months before that, three kids–16, 18 and 22 years old–were killed in North Carolina by a criminal alien who had previously been arrested for driving without a license. Then, on Thanksgiving in 2006, a 21-year old Marine–home on leave from Iraq–and his 24-year-old date were killed by a 25-year-old illegal immigrant whose blood alcohol level was four times the legal limit. Media coverage was sparse.

Hunter Javens

Of course, there are more. And this says nothing about MS-13 and others who go out of their way to murder and terrorize Americans.

According to a study by the Violent Crimes Institute of Atlanta, which looked at numbers from January 1999 to April 2006, there are roughly 240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders in the United States who have averaged four victims apiece. The study estimates that 100 sex offenders cross our southern border each day.

Furthermore, Iowa Congressman Steve King has released numbers showing that approximately 12 Americans are killed by illegal immigrants each day. These are people that should not be here in the first place, yet are not only breaking the law by living in America, but continue to break the law by raping, robbing and killing Americans.

Still, the politicians on both sides of the aisle not only refuse to address the issue, they actually work in the favor of those who wish to come here illegally and do us harm. They advocate anything but a physical fence, they fight for the rights of illegals while unfairly scrutinizing and unlawfully punishing our Border Patrol agents, they set up scholarship programs for the children of illegal immigrants, they continue to prevent law enforcement officers from actually enforcing the law.

And what do we have as a result? We have four dead children in Cottonwood, Minnesota. We have countless dead as a result of traffic accidents. We have dead police officers, dead college students, kidnapped Americans, and unfathomable amounts of drugs being sold and abused on our streets and in our homes. We have gang members running rampant throughout the United States, and we have a veritable war being fought in our border towns. Not only are we a nation without borders, but we have completely abandoned the rule of law.

How does it happen that a man who is breaking the law simply by being here is permitted to kill again after previously being arrested for a DUI? How does it happen that a woman who shouldn’t be here in the first place, who is not licensed to drive, can run a stop sign and kill four children? Where is the media coverage? Why aren’t people shouting from the rooftops? Why are the only immigration-related marches in cities across the country organized by those who are here illegally — and why don’t we round up the demonstrators who shouldn’t be here in the first place?

Forget, for a moment, about the DUIs and the murders and the drugs and the pedophilia and the gang activity. Forget, for a moment, the makeshift roadside memorials and the empty spots at the dinner tables. Illegal immigrants, whether they be Mexicans or Guatemalans or Iranians who have crossed the rivers and deserts of the American southwest to come here, or whether they be Indians or Chinese or Kazakhstanis who have overstayed their visas, have already broken the law. If nothing else, it is a problem for the U.S. economy and a slap to the face of Mexicans and others who have waited and gone through the proper process to become U.S. citizens.

Securing the borders and actually enforcing the immigration laws already on the books will not bring back Reed Stevens, Emilie Olson or the Javen boys. Taking such common-sense action will not restore lives that have been lost. What it will do, however, is prevent further mothers and fathers from burying their children, prevent more schools from hiring grief counselors.

We do everything in our power to protect American children — we scrutinize Chinese toys, we mandate proper child restraints in vehicles, we ban smoking in family restaurants. Why can’t we even discuss this issue on a national level without being labeled as hate-mongers, as anti-immigrant, as racist? The first step is realizing that the four children in Cottonwood, Minnesota did not have to die. The next step is asking these open-borders activists to justify the hypothetical deaths of their own children.

A nation without borders, as Ronald Reagan said, is not a nation at all.

In the meantime, a memorial fund has been set up for those killed in the crash:

Lakeview School Memorial Fund
c/o United Southwest Bank
P.O. Box 288
Cottonwood, MN 56229-0288

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