Short, Quick Notes From an Insomniac

Happy to depart, temporarily as it were, from the matters of John McCain, Vicki Iseman and The New York Times, I caught the late replay of the CNN/Univision debate in Austin. Gripping television, I tell you — a true testament to the extent of tonight’s insomnia that I survived more than five minutes of the program, nonetheless the whole thing.

It’s late, and I’m sure I’ll add more specifics later, but a few quick notes:

Hillary Clinton looked as though she was unfamiliar with being construed even by some as an underdog. While she absolutely had command of her material, her confidence at times looked manufactured. Then again, when is anything she does not manufactured?

Obama, to me, looked fairly vulnerable when it came to conveying substantive ideas. He wavered, stammered, even repeated himself uncomfortably, and though his message ultimately came out–it might look okay on a cleaned-up transcript–his effort at times was a far cry from the impeccable recent performances on the campaign trail.

Clinton may have done enough to eek out a much-needed win in Texas. We’ll see, and I look forward to putting proverbial pen to paper sometime around midday.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by, folks. I hope that, cinsidering it’s after 2:00am on the East coast, y’all are sleeping a bit better than I am.


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