Obama’s "Global Poverty Act" Rushed Through Committee Wednesday

Bill Could Impose $845 Billion Global Tax on United States

I was wrong — Illinois Sen. Barack Hussein Obama, as inexperienced as he may be, has indeed put his name to a piece of legislation.

His “Global Poverty Act” aims to fight poverty worldwide, in part by imposing a global tax onto the United States, forcing it to commit 0.7 percent of its Gross National Product to foreign aid — that’s $65 billion each year for 13 years (a total of $845 billion) on top of what America, already the most generous nation on the planet, does to fight poverty and respond to disaster across the globe.

I first heard about it today (Wednesday), and read that it was being rushed through committee by Sen. Joe Biden on Thursday. Now, I’m reading that it has already passed through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — one day early.

Maybe I should take off the tin-foil hat for a little while, but it just strikes me as being odd when a proposal which reeks of global socialism gets rushed through committee just as a little, tiny media interest begins to pique. Nothing moves quickly through Washington, and with Obama’s status as media darling and his chief weakness being inexperience, I worry that a bill with his name all over it was hastily pushed through committee with nary a word from the mainstream media.

Yes, Obama’s pet project is far from signed. Yes, I may be making mountains out of molehills. Still, as much as I believe in helping those who need it, doing so by federal mandate is not the proper way. We are no good to the global economy if our own economy is shot.

Furthermore, as far as I recall, we still live in a representative republic and therefore should have a say in how our nation’s money is spent. Remember, the McCain-Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Bill was intended to be passed through in a hurry and essentially behind closed doors until members of the conservative movement got a hold of it. Something about this bill reminds me of May and June of last year.

When Washington actually works, be wary.



  1. nathan p. says:

    yes you are right to worry, it is never good when politicians actually do stuff and don’t expect attention for it.

    nice blog by the way. i just found it today but will come back.

  2. Joe Bulla says:

    HEY,white house ,the poverty is in America.


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