Biting Your Tongue is Better than Losing Your Head

Should he garner the Republican party nomination, Arizona Sen. John McCain will be getting my vote in November. He should get yours as well.

Now, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that, like many other conservatives, I’m not a big fan of McCain. Unless you’ve been living in a spider-hole for the past month or so, you’ve undoubtedly heard plenty about the questionable portion of McCain’s record. If not, here are some highlights:

  • He doesn’t understand the First Amendment and worked with Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold to design legislation that would infringe upon it.
  • He’s a sucker for the global socialism facade that is Global Warming, and worked with Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman to design [thankfully] failed legislation which would have had disastrous effects upon the U.S. economy and Americans from coast-to-coast with only marginal benefit, if any at all.
  • He doesn’t seem to grasp the importance of a secure border with regard to the U.S. economy, national security, crime numbers and cultural effects, and worked with Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy to design legislation which was out-and-out refused by the American people.
  • He somehow doesn’t understand that a low tax burden will create high revenue, and was one of only two Republicans to vote against the Bush tax cuts in 2001, which were responsible for fostering record economic growth and job creation. Despite now asserting that he would make the tax cuts permanent, he denounced them as recently as December 27, 2007.
  • He voted to confirm Justice Stephen Breyer and pro-abortion liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and, though he has maintained that he hopes to appoint strict constructionist judges like John Roberts and Samuel Alito, he is on record as saying that he didn’t care for Alito because he “wears his conservatism on his sleeve.”

Pondering these diversions–among others–from conservative ideals, many conservatives are considering either sitting out the general election in November or actually becoming a “suicide voter” and pulling the lever or pushing the button for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, evidently thinking that a Democratic victory in 2008 may mean a discontent-fostered Republican Congress in 2010 and a possible win by an actual conservative in 2012.

I understand that rationale. I really do. I have said before that I believe McCain to be more dangerous, in many ways, than either Obama or Clinton. I worry that republicans in Congress will feel obligated to support the president and party leader rather than critically assess decisions as they would with a democrat in the Oval Office. I worry that a wolf in sheep’s clothing can do more harm than a creature which obviously resembles a threat.

Still, even though McCain is not a conservative by any means, I will pull the lever for him in November. This election is not about John McCain. McCain will come and go. So would Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. This election is about America and how best to defend Her against threats foreign and domestic.

We are facing a global climate unseen since the mid-to-late 1930s. Every day, there are forty-plus million people who awaken from dreams of our demise, hoping to arise and make it happen. One by one, countries in Europe are falling silently, kow-towing via political correctness to the early underpinnings of jihad in the form of demands for exception to the rule of law. Just this week, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the spiritual leader of the Church of England and of 75 million Anglicans across the globe, suggested in a BBC interview that Britain’s legal system should bend over and accommodate Sharia Law. In the weeks and months before this, challenges were made by Muslim nurses that “scrubbing in” violated their religious principles because it required showing of skin, British hospital officials were forced to turn Muslim-occupied hospital beds toward Mecca at appropriate times during the day, the University of Michigan installed foot baths to cater to Muslim students, and Muslims across the world called for the death of a British teacher who had the gall to name a class teddy bear mascot “Muhammad.”

We need to be as insulated as possible from the permeation of Sharia Law and radical Islamic influence, little by little, through loopholes and artificially augmented super-tolerance made possible by political correctness. We need a Supreme Court which, contrary to sentiments held by former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and current Justices Ginsburg, Breyer and Anthony Kennedy, will render decisions drawn only from interpretation of the U.S. Constitution and United States law. Ginsburg has repeatedly said that the Supreme Court lacks the “readiness to look beyond one’s shores” and use “comparative analysis” to interpret the United States Constitution. Kennedy, in 2003, looked to decisions in Britain and in Europe when examining Texas sodomy laws in Lawrence v. Texas. O’Connor once said, during a lecture on the importance of international jurisprudence, that “conclusions reached by other countries and by the international community should at times constitute persuasive authority in American courts.”

How are we supposed to retain the rule of AMERICAN law in a time when the laws of so many other countries are being undermined, if those who sit on the bench of the highest court in the land are ready, willing and able to look overseas to interpret our own founding documents?

John Paul Stevens is 87 years old. Ginsburg is 74. Anthony Kennedy and Antonin Scalia are both 71. Breyer (69) and Souter (68) are both pushing 70 years of age. The next president may have the chance to nominate at least two and as many as six or seven Supreme Court justices, and you’d better believe that Stevens and Ginsburg would feel all too comfortable relinquishing their robes while a Democrat is in the White House, while they may try to stick it out for a few years if the president is a Republican.

John McCain may have voted to confirm Ginsburg and Breyer, and he may very well count Warren Rudman–very much responsible for former President George H.W. Bush’s nomination of David Souter–among his closest advisors, but at least with a McCain presidency, we stand a chance of seeing the nomination of justices who have a very narrow interpretation of our founding documents.

Nobody understands McCain’s shortcomings as a conservative better than I do. I get it with regard to John McCain. However, anybody who has studied the history of the Court knows what a renegade, activist judiciary is capable of. The ideals held dear to Americans, the rights which our Creator has bestowed upon us — all of it will be in jeopardy.

Having an activist bench on the Supreme Court–as we would definitely have following four years of Hillary or Obama–is equal to or in many ways worse than having a Democrat-dominated House and Senate for years to come. Activist judges, like the Ninth Circuit wannabes on the short list of Obama and Clinton, do not care about the Constitution, what it says, and what our founding fathers intended. Activist judges do not care that you, me and all other Americans actually elect officials to legislate on our behalf.

Say so long to “under God,” say hello to cloning, stem-cell research and partial birth abortion. Say so long to any insulation against the erosion of American rule of law from within or from without, but say hello, while you’re at it, to international law as binding upon American citizens. Don’t forget to bid a fond farewell to your right to own, nonetheless carry, a firearm – Do you really think that a Supreme Court filled with Hillary/Obama nominees would even consider the true meaning of the Second Amendment in weighing Heller?

Many conservatives, as grounded in common sense as they may be, do not grasp the magnitude of the decision facing America. Those advocating that we let the democrats take over and let the GOP clean up after four years do not seem to understand that the damage caused by a Hillary Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama presidency would last far beyond 2012.

This election is not about John McCain versus Hillary Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama. This election is about the Court. This election is about our rights. It is about protecting ourselves from a changing global climate in ways bombs and rockets cannot, and it is about the concept that an out-of-control judiciary can do far more irreparable harm to America and to everything for which She stands than even the worst of congresses and most abysmal of presidents.

Stand up and pull that lever for John McCain in November, despite John McCain. Encourage others to do the same, and explain to them why the fate of our nation is quite literally in our hands.


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