A Great Day for us "Flat-Earthers"

Between his Nobel Prize, UN speaking engagements and the Live Earth concert event, Former Vice President Al Gore has had much of the world in his hands.

Never mind that Gore himself has a gargantuan carbon “footprint,” with his 20-room estate being assessed $30,000 in utility bills and using 221,000 kilowatt-hours of energy in 2006 — more than 20 times the national average of 10,656 yearly kilowatt-hours. And then, of course, there’s his globe-hopping, jet-setting ways.

Never mind that, after winning the Nobel Prize, Gore and a bunch of his other environmentally conscious flunkies flew from across the globe to Scottsdale, Arizona for a celebratory dinner during which the “Think Locally/Act Globally” crowd–people who generally encourage others to buy food that can be grown or obtained within a day’s drive–dined on indigenous Arizona cuisine such as Seared Tuna with Curried Eggplant, Miso-cured Alaskan Butterfish, Guinea Hen, Kobe Strip Loin and Butter-poached Lobster Medallions.

Never mind that, to win the Nobel Prize for Peace, Gore beat out Irena Sendler, a 96-year-old Polish woman who single-handedly saved 2500 children from the Holocaust.

Gore has had the planet on a string, riding his Nobel Prize and his Emmy and Oscar awards on a quest to enact policies which would cost trillions and trillions of dollars and sink economies worldwide. He has unilaterally decided that the “duh-bayte is oh-ver,” deeming any scientists who exhibit skepticism toward his theories to be “flat-earthers.”

Now, however, the past few days alone have brought stories in the Investor’s Business Daily and New York Times which have essentially brought the curtain down (or at least spread it out a bit) on two of the Global Warming movement’s favorite talking points — that the warming we are seeing on Earth is a product of man’s negligence and recklessness, and that biofuels are a large part of the answer.

I could have told you that, considering the idea that Mars is getting warmer (and other than Dennis Kucinich, nobody is there), man and man’s conduct are not to blame for warming trends on Earth. I could have told you that warming trends, like hurricanes, are part of a cycle. I could have told you that it takes something like two-thirds of a gallon of gasoline to produce one gallon of alternative biofuel, and that any such product that robs us of food sources could have long-term and unseen negative repercussions. It is so much nicer, however, that credible sources such as Investor’s Business Daily and the liberals’ own New York Times have advanced my points for me.

People such as Al Gore, the same type of people who scratch the paint on large SUVs to make a political point, should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. I have no doubt that the world has been getting warmer–though that may change–and I feel as though we should be good, responsible stewards of this planet, but there are so many larger, more pressing issues relevant to the fate of humanity and the world as a whole, issues that should be getting the same press, fostering the same motivation as has Global Warming.

I will, without a doubt, have a chance to blow my top on this Web site about the Global Warming farce. The mere fact that we can be so egotistical to presume that, after surviving 4.5 billion years of ice ages, meteorite hits, dinosaurs and awful pop music, the Earth is somehow breathing its last because of us and our wasteful ways — well, it just drives me up the wall.

I’ll get there, I promise. This weekend, however, it’s hard to get frustrated from such great news for all of us flat-earthers.


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