Splitting the Conservative Vote

If John McCain is to be kept from the GOP nomination, either Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney will need to step away from the race. The two are splitting the vote from conservatives that are hesitant or outright refuse to vote for McCain.

Huckabee should be the one to go. His story–and that win in Iowa–was nothing short of remarkable, but it’s time. He’s out of money while Romney is, well … not. Sure, there are good prospects for Huckabee in evangelical-heavy Super Tuesday states including Georgia and Alabama, but so long as both he and Romney are splitting voters, McCain is sure to gain the nomination.

I liked Mike and still do, even though I don’t agree with a lot of what he had done as Arkansas governor, but for the sake of the party it may be time for him to go.

Some people are touting numbers, from Florida, which suggest that McCain and not Romney was the second choice of Huckabee voters. The numbers may be accurate, but I don’t buy the argument. As this primary race nears critical mass, the GOP is going to have two distinct types of voters where it previously had several different factions — (1) those who will follow the media (which will turn on McCain the very SECOND he gets the nomination) and vote for McCain despite his various missteps, and (2) those who cannot see past the collaborations with Kennedy, Feingold and Lieberman and will not vote for McCain under any circumstances save for a “lesser-of-two-liberals” situation that the general election might provide.

I cannot say it enough — McCain is a fine man, a bona-fide American hero, but he is NOT a conservative. It’s time for the GOP nomination to boil down to two choices: Conservative, or John McCain.


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