America’s Right Endorses Hillary Clinton

(for the Democratic Party Nomination)

You heard me right (though maybe I should explain).

Sen. Hillary Clinton made an appearance at City Hall in Philadelphia today. While she is not in the photograph taken by yours truly via an uber-professional camera/phone, you can clearly make out some of Philadelphia’s finest, as well as a few Secret Service agents in long, dark coats. On the right, you can see the front end of Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell’s official Cadillac.

It’s okay, I didn’t recognize it at first, either, considering that it was parked, rather than cruising along at speeds well in excess of 120 miles per hour — I’m fairly certain that Gov. Rendell taught New Jersey Gov. John Corzine everything he knows about gubernatorial travel.

Anyway, I digress. I was supposed to be explaining my reasoning for this official endorsement of Sen. Clinton [for the Democratic Party nomination]. Even framed in a discussion about how she would be good for the GOP, however, it is still difficult for me to paint Sen. Clinton in any sort of positive light, so bear with me.

Let me begin by stating that, from the rest of this Web site, I may come off as being disheartened by the options on the Republican side. This could not be further from the truth. This is the primary, a time for voters to stand up for the direction in which they’d like their respective party to orient itself, not the chance to vote on the basis of who may do best in the general election. Regardless of the scrutiny I place upon Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain in particular, I will be throwing my weight behind any one of them come November, and I consider ourselves to be fortunate to have such options considering those running on the left.

I think that the GOP is darn lucky that the Democratic front-runners include a woman who has previously spent eight years in the White House and an African-American man named “Barack Hussein Obama.” While I have no doubt whatsoever that (1) both Obama and Clinton are incredibly smart and talented people, and that (2) there are plenty of women and black men fully capable of running this country effectively, those two aren’t on the list, and the mere fact that they’re all the Dems have gives the GOP a very good shot in November.

As an aside, though I do not agree with him on much at all, I am especially impressed with Barack Obama. The man is a phenomenally inspiring speaker and has proven to be an excellent campaigner. Give him a little bit more experience, a few more grey hairs and a couple pieces of legislation with his name on it, and he will make a terrifyingly formidable political opponent for years to come. Personally, the idea that his name and skin color actually matters disgusts me, and I hope that we as a nation can get past such stigma in the coming years.

From the newspapers, blogs, mainstream media coverage, it seems to me that voters on both sides of the political spectrum just want “change.” As one woman outside City Hall today said as she clamored for a better view of an empty SUV, “I just want something different in the White House.”

To democrats, Barack Obama seems to embody the sentiment of “change.” A woman at City Hall today, negotiating a police barrier with OBAMA sign in hand for a better view of Hillary’s empty SUV, said that she “just wants something different in the White House.” Obama, in that regard and more, is seeming perfect for populist democrats. The man, for all his misgivings and spoken generalities, is one hell of an orator, and seems as though he could be the type to start a movement. Beating Barack Obama with likeability alone–his own game–would be nearly impossible. Perhaps, in the right climate, a guy like Mike Huckabee could have given him a run for his money with his populist message alone, but it seems to me that Obama can be beaten only with substance.

In today’s American culture, driven more and more by the superficial, by celebrity, I wonder if any amount of substance would be enough. The same people that truly listen to Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn and their ilk seem predisposed toward a preference of sizzle rather than steak.

The kryptonite for Hillary Clinton, however, lies in either likeability or substance. With regard to the former, it took an perfectly manufactured, expertly calculated moment in a New Hampshire diner for her to even be construed as human. Only if she were actually on fire could she be considered “warm.” Voters simply cannot trust her. Furthermore, anybody capable of keeping their nose clean (thus avoiding her standard mud-slinging defenses) and their facts straight would be able to beat her with substance. The woman has changed her positions more often than [insert Bill Clinton joke here].

Is she a socialist? Yes. Is she a gun-grabber? Yes. She is all of those things and a whole lot more. A Hillary Clinton administration would be disastrous for the nation. Spending would be out of control, our borders would garner no attention whatsoever, the threat from radical Islam would be less important than “getting rid of the age of ‘cowboy diplomacy,’” and Bill would be going through interns and staffers quicker than you could say “Juanita Broaddrick.”

Still, she gains the endorsement [for Democratic Party nominee] from America’s Right. With the possible exception of a run against Rudy Giuliani, with whom the national debate would be limited, essentially, to taxes and terrorism, Clinton has enough negatives among people on both sides of the aisle that she could and would be beat soundly in the general election.

So, if she makes a stop in your city, please do what you can to cheer her on.


Recent RNC polling confirms exactly what I said above, showing that for Obama, nearly 60 percent of those polled felt that he had the experience necessary for the presidency, and not even 20 percent said that they knew anything about his specific positions on the issues. As I said above — substance.

The RNC’s numbers with regard to Clinton were even more grim. Less than half of those asked found her “honest and trustworthy,” and a full 65 percent said that she “will say or do anything” to gain power.

Proof positive that it certainly doesn’t take a genius to figure this stuff out : )


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