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Silent Majority

The Death of the Silent Majority

In the post-mortem analysis that followed the defeat of presidential hopeful Mitt Romney last week, a lot of the conservative rhetoric revolved around the failures of Mitt Romney as a candidate. As always, there was talk that too many religious conservatives and libertarians stayed home, and that … [Read More...]

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Barack Obama -- BW Horizontal

Prayerfully, We Move On

Good grief, was I wrong. It is abundantly clear that, when my wife and I moved from southeastern Pennsylvania to the Lowcountry of South Carolina in mid-2010, I failed to adjust my own metrics as to attitude and perception as needed due to the conservatives surrounding me here. Hence the … [Read More...]


No, Mr. President – WE Are The Ones America Has Been Waiting For (Part Nine)

With the reality of the general election now bearing down on the Obama administration, several major incidents - along with typical socialist tactics - may, in fact, have been the onset of the final implosion of the Obama administration.  Beginning with the Supreme Court ruling on the health care … [Read More...]

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PREDICTION: Romney By 8% (NOTE: In retrospect … yikes.)

Romney by eight. It's almost become a joke at this point for me.  I've been saying it for months now, long before Romney started building momentum following the very first presidential debate in October. I even have a potentially humiliating bet going with an ultra-liberal close friend: if … [Read More...]

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A.R. Essentials

John Feeny’s Multi-Part Obama Retrospective

Long before President Barack Obama even had his party's nomination in 2008, before the Greek columns, before the special seal for the Office of the … [Read More...]

John Feeny’s Three-Part Series on Education

This past year, education really began to hit home as an issue for me, as my daughter started and completed her first year in public schools here in … [Read More...]

‘I’m Henery the Fifth, I am’

"Well, that's great stuff. I was so proud of the president there, I must say. This has nothing to do with partisanship. This is a Commander In Chief … [Read More...]

A SC Divorce Attorney on Marianne Gingrich

I am a divorce attorney at The LaMantia Law Firm in Charleston, South Carolina.  While I have not been at it for very long, in some capacity or … [Read More...]

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Ain’t No Poll Like a Skewed Poll

READ --> Da Tech Guy Blog: Demoralized as Hell, the Final Gasp Pew Poll   There is a phrase to describe this kind of thinking, it’s … [Read More...]

Behold (Again) the Power of Twitter

READ --> SooperMexican: How Conservatives on Twitter Forced Obama to Face the Benghazi Debacle This is not a small matter. Prior to this event, … [Read More...]

Just How Divorced From Reality IS the Left?

READ --> Washington Post: Woodward Book Chronicles Obama's Fiscal Policy Battle With Congressional Republicans The Republicans took control of the … [Read More...]

So, it’s okay for the Justice Dept. to do it…

READ --> Fox News Latino: Texas Couple Charged with Supplying Ammo to Mexican Cartels Federal authorities arrested a couple who own a firearms … [Read More...]

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